Music in the Market

Buckingham Town Council is delighted to support the return of Music in the Market to the town centre. This year the event takes place on Friday 3rd June as part of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

Buckingham Acoustic Club told us: “Music in the Market will be back in its familiar place, in the Market outside the Gaol, three years after its last appearance there in 2019. Since its modest beginnings 22 years ago, this will be the 21st festival organised by Buckingham Acoustic Club, which thanks to last year’s off-piste extravaganza, which was excellently hosted by the Buckingham Rugby Club, has mounted an almost uninterrupted annual series of events.

The Acoustic Club is a casual group of local musicians who have met weekly in one pub or another, welcoming all comers, originally at the Buckingham Arms in Maids Morton, and then via the Brittania, the New Inn, and most recently the Woolpack, to share their songs and their chops. Currently, they are homeless, and so they are looking for a new home in which to base themselves.

Music in the Market was conceived as a way for these musicians to strut their stuff in front of the whole town, and the Town Council stepped in to promote the event to make it viable.  Musical liaisons formed, bands were created, ideas developed, and are still developing. The motto of the festival could be: “It’s not only covers”. This year will feature the massed ukuleles of The Buckingham Ukulele Group, the world music sounds of Safari Boots, the debut of the Muzz & Jenks big band, and a curious but unmissable ukulele-based performance by Ukesnaile. The music starts at 2pm and continues throughout the day till 10pm, with street food available all day.”

Chair of the Town Centre and Events Committee, Cllr. Robin Stuchbury said that “The return of Music in the Market to the town centre is an opportunity for the community to meet and enjoy live music in the setting of our market town. We’ve been supporting the Acoustic Club with this event for 21 years. This is a chance to gather on the auspicious occasion of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Officers and Town Councillors look forward to enjoying the event with you on the day, having been involved with this event throughout it’s always a great personal pleasure to see people enjoying themselves at a free public event supported by community organisations.”

For enquiries, please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426,

Please Mr. Postman! Post box wanted

Residents of the new estate on Tingewick Road, St. Rumbold’s Fields, have asked for their own post box, and the Town Council is asking Royal Mail to provide one.

Royal Mail has declined the request because technically there are existing post-boxes within half a mile of the estate (measured as the crow flies) and therefore another cannot be justified. The nearest is one on the corner of Bath Lane and Tingewick Road, and there is another within the measured half mile at the corner of Mitre Street and Gawcott Road, and one just further than half a mile on Embleton Way.

Members of the Town Council’s Planning Committee have appealed to Royal Mail, pointing out that to use the Bath Lane post box requires crossing the Tingewick Road – which has a 50mph speed limit currently – twice, as there is no footpath on the southern side, nor any streetlighting between the estate and Westfields and the other two are even less accessible. Apart from the ordinary post, a need for posting Covid test samples may arise again, and the less mobile residents often select postal votes.

There is a perfect spot in the centre of the housing area at Kings Sutton Square, within a short distance of most of the 398 houses, and with space for the Royal Mail’s collection van to park without obstructing other traffic.

Buckingham Town Council Planning Chairman, Cllr Mark Cole JP, said: “For Royal Mail to decide without consultation that a new 400-dwelling estate housing 1,000 people does not merit a post box is, frankly, ludicrous. Royal Mail delivers, so why the reluctance to collect post as it does on all the other estates? Will they tell us next that the 420 houses off Osier Way will not need a post box when that is completed?

“Given the risks in crossing Tingewick Road to get to the nearest post box in town, and similarly having to cross the bypass from the Osier Way development, we urge Royal Mail to reconsider.”

For enquiries, please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426,



Buckingham’s Unique Tourist Information Centre

This year Buckingham celebrates the 27th anniversary of the Buckingham Tourist Information Centre and with hundreds of visitors through the doors each year, the Centre provides an invaluable service to both residents and tourists. Located inside the Buckingham Old Gaol, it is the perfect place to start if you want to find out about Buckingham’s past and present. The office is open Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM and opens on Sundays in August. Our Town Centre Manager and friendly team are here to help provide advice and guidance to visitors. Below is a quick round-up of the services we can offer:

Visitor attractions and guides to the best things to do – information and tickets for local events – useful accommodation advice – food and drink recommendations – heritage information – wide range of maps, guides, and brochures – transport and travel advice – National Express bookings – Theatre Tokens – advice and background information on surrounding villages and towns – information about local shops – UK holiday destinations and a range of local produce and gifts to purchase in the shop.

As well as supervising the Tourist Information Team, the Town Centre Manager is busy building relationships with local businesses and regional tourism leads; our common goal is to attract, engage and delight more visitors to Buckingham, as well as to help boost the economy within the town. The Discover Buckingham website has business listings for shops, accommodation, restaurants, pubs, and attractions including event listings, blogs, and news from around Buckingham. If you have an event or own retail premises that you would like to add to this website for free, please email and we will be happy to help.

The Chair of the Town Centre & Events Committee, Cllr. Robin Stuchbury, said: “The Tourist Information Centre has been an important asset in promoting Buckingham as a town of interest for tourism but also in promoting local businesses, therefore supporting its local economy.

Thanks to careful financial management, the professionalism of its staff and innovative approaches used (especially via social media platforms and the new website) the Tourist Information Centre holds a strong position within North Buckinghamshire and looks forward to strengthening further its relationships and links with local stakeholders such as the Buckingham University but also regional partners such as the Buckinghamshire Council”.

For enquiries please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426,


Three countries come together to celebrate Twinning of towns

Visitors from Neukirchen-Vluyn in Germany and Mouvaux in France will be visiting Buckingham this weekend to celebrate the friendship between the three towns. The Mayors of Buckingham and Neukirchen-Vluyn will sign the English version of the formal twinning between the two towns. The weekend also marks twenty years of Buckingham’s twinning with Mouvaux.

The visiting groups will include the Mayor of each town, and people involved with the twinning association in each area. Guests will be staying with host families in Buckingham and will spend time getting to know the town during the weekend visit.

To celebrate Buckingham Town Council is hosting Twinning in the Market, a light-hearted musical celebration of France, Germany and the UK. Three acts will perform: a mime artist, a German oompah band ‘Edelweiss All Stars’ and local morris dancers the Brackley Morris Men. Each act will be performing in front of the Old Gaol in Buckingham from 10 am until 2 pm on Saturday 19th March.

Part-funding for Twinning in the Market entertainment is being provided by the Government’s ‘Welcome Back Fund’ from Buckinghamshire Council.

Buckingham also hosts popular street and flea market each Saturday, and with French, German and Union Jack flags already out decorating the town centre and sunny weather forecast it should be a fantastic opportunity to get together and enjoy all that Buckingham and its twin towns have to offer.

Mayor of Buckingham, Cllr. Margaret Gateley, who will be welcoming the visitors said “It is a great honour and pleasure to welcome the Mayors of Mouvaux and Neukirchen-Vluyn alongside other guests to Buckingham this weekend for our long-awaited celebration of our three-way partnership. It is particularly important to further such friendships between nations in the light of what is going on elsewhere in our world.