Fun Fact Friday: What Goes Into Our Events?

Most residents will be aware of the range of events that the Town Council either arranges itself, or supports when arranged by others. But even those arranged by others need considerable background work by the Town Council and particularly Amanda, our Events Co-ordinator, who runs most of the Town Councils regular events including this year’s brand new event Celebrate Buckingham Day.

This year we have run many additional bounce back events, to support the town and local businesses as they recover from covid-19 closures. These events involved many additional staff including (but not limited to) Sam, the Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre Manager (who also runs annual events based at Lace Hill), Emma the Town Centre Manager and Russell our Markets Manager. These projects included the Otter Trail, outdoor theatre performances of Alice in Wonderland and many weeks of varied Market Entertainment.

Some events are “outsourced” but still require our involvement. Others involve third-party contractors for specialist work. For example, although the Charter Fair is organised by the Showmen’s Guild, we still have to arrange the road closure (in this case, a complicated “rolling road-closure”) which requires a small army of marshals. Similarly, the Christmas Parade is run by the Christmas Parade Committee, but it is the Town Council, who have the trained personnel and requisite signage, that is responsible for the road closure. Music in the Market is run by the Buckingham Acoustic Club, and BandJam is run by the organisation of that name – but we still look after the road closures and arrange first aid, refreshment vendors, security etc.

Even the Town Council’s own events often require specialist inputs, such as the staging, lighting and sound at the Christmas Lights switch-on, the bonfire building and barriers putting out for the Bonfire & Fireworks – plus heaps of meetings, telephone calls and emails until all the ducks are in line. As you can imagine, lots of events in quick succession, like the Fringe Week, take masses of organising.

On top of all that, all of our social media and posters are designed and produced in house and displayed – and cleared away after events. For the Fringe Week an entire booklet is designed working with our newsletter designer.

We also assist with events put on by others, such as the Remembrance Parade and the Scout Parade scheduled for this year, by sorting out and marshalling the road closures.

We are often asked to consider new events. We constantly review all of them to see what improvements might be made, and this year we will continue to review them all in detail to ensure that they remain financially viable, well supported, and in keeping with our wider aspirations. After all, arranging entertainments is not a primary role of Town Councils, and we want to ensure that as many as possible enjoy the events put on at their cost.

Interested in our Autumn and Winter 2021 events? You can find out more on our events calendar.

But what do you think? We always welcome your views.

This blog post originally appeared in the Spring 2017 Buckingham Town Matters Newsletter and has been updated.

Town Centre and Events Working Group 21st June 2021

Last night the Town Centre & Events Working Group met to discuss the upcoming programme of summer events and future events ideas.

A member of the public spoke at the beginning of the meeting to raise Councillors’ awareness of a flooding incident at March Edge, Linden Village on the 18th June 2021.

During the meeting:

  • Members agreed to progress arrangements for a promenade between Stowe Gardens and Buckingham town centre, and to explore options for a multi-cultural celebration evening.
  • It was agreed to postpone the Celebrate Buckingham Day in Bourton Park from the 10th July to the 4th September 2021.
  • The next Bardic Election has been arranged for the 5th October 2021 at The Woolpack, Buckingham.
  • Members discussed a draft programme of events for Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022 and agreed to review a further plan at the next meeting
  • The following list of forthcoming events was noted:
    • Buckingham Fringe Week 19th – 25th July
    • Play Around the Parishes 26th July, 9th August, 23rd August
    • Children’s Outdoor Theatre, 16th August
    • Bandjam 29th August
    • Celebrate Buckingham 4th September
    • River Rinse Sept date to be confirmed
    • Dog Show 12th September
    • River Rinse October date to be confirmed
    • Local Democracy Event 15th October
    • Charter Fair 16th October
    • Charter Fair 23rd October
    • Halloween Disco 30th October
    • Bonfire & Fireworks 6th November
    • Remembrance Day Parade 14th November
    • Winter Fair Lace Hill 21st November
    • Christmas Light Switch On 27th November
    • Christmas Parade 11th December
    • Community Fair 11th December