Where Angels fear to tread?

A failed road which Buckingham Town Council has been asking the local highway authority to repair for more than five years still awaits repair. Top Angel, one of the industrial estate’s main thoroughfares, between Great Slade and Osier Way, collapsed largely due to heavy vehicles delivering to factories and units.

Despite repeated requests to have this road maintained, still nothing has been done. A spokesman for Transport for Buckinghamshire told BTC in January that two large areas “right outside the entrance to two large industrial parks” need to be reconstructed and this would require a road closure “creating havoc for local businesses”. Suitable timing and availability of funds must be taken into consideration.

Ironically, two days later Buckinghamshire Council’s Strategic Sites planning committee approved outline plans for 420 houses, to which one of the entrances will be off Top Angel.

Town Councillors point out that should a catastrophic incident occur to industrial premises at Osier Way or Great Slade, Top Angel is the only emergency exit from the area. Furthermore, it is at the entrance to neither industrial area, and a temporary closure would be not as disruptive as is alleged by TfB.

‘The longer it is left, the worse it will get, and shortly it is going to be expected to cope with the estate development traffic,’ says BTC Planning chairman Cllr Mark Cole JP. ’Members want the failed areas dealt with as soon as possible, but even our Shire Councillors are unable to get a positive response.’

For enquiries, please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426, communications@buckingham-tc.gov.uk.


Upcoming road works in Buckingham

Over the next month, there will be roadworks in various locations across Buckingham due to Gigaclear installation works, some of which have already started.

The upcoming roadworks are:

  • Stratford Road 25/03/2022 – 27/05/2022 C/W Incursion
  • Burleigh Piece 04/04/2022 – 03/06/2022 Multi-Way Signals
  • Tingewick Road 07/04/2022 – 21/04/2022 Two-Way Signals
  • Edge Hill Court 11/04/2022 – 22/04/2022 Multi-Way Signals
  • Bodenham Close 13/04/2022 – 19/04/2022 C/W Incursion
  • Pitt Green 19/04/2022 – 02/05/2022 Give & Take
  • Coxwell Close 21/04/2022 – 04/05/2022 C/W Incursion
  • Western Avenue 26/04/2022 – 28/04/2022 Give & Take
  • Wittmills Oak 26/04/2022 – 10/05/2022 Give & Take

If you have any queries or questions, please contact Giga Clear’s Customer Operations team via networkbuildqueries@gigaclear.com or by calling 0370 774 0537.

Moreton Road gas main replacement

Scotia Gas Networks have asked us to pass on the following message about Moreton Road roadworks.

“As you will be aware, SGN have commenced an urgent programme of work to replace gas main on Moreton Road from the junction of the High Street to Western Avenue. We will be replacing an old metal mandatory gas main with a new plastic main to ensure we can continue to provide gas safely and efficiently to the local area long into the future. This work is essential.

We apologise for not having had the opportunity to communicate with you sooner. SGN are responding to requests to prioritise this project as a matter of urgency to incorporate some of the work whilst under lockdown, this will help alleviate some of the disruption this work will have on the local community.

The following is our intended plan

2 November to 6 December (Christmas embargo)

We will be working from the junction of the High Street to the junction of Summerhouse Hill.

With the main located in the road, for the safety of road users and are engineers it is necessary to have a north bound lane closure in place around our work area. To avoid a full road closure, we will be operating multi-way traffic lights to keep local traffic moving in both directions.

Access to properties within the closure will be maintained if safe to do so, if access for any reason isn’t possible the team on the ground will advise those residents impacted in advance so alternative arrangements can be made.

6 January to completion 31 March 2021

We will return to complete the final section from Summerhouse Hill to Western Avenue.
Again it will be necessary to have a lane closure in place for the duration with traffic lights in place to allow two way local traffic.

Gas main connection to properties

There is a possibility that we will need to connect a number of services to the new main being installed. To do this our engineers will need access to your gas meter within your property. Any properties affected will be contacted in advance explaining what is needed and the team on the ground will make local arrangements. Please can we reassure you, our engineers are following strict COVID guidelines to ensure we maintain everyone’s safety. There’s more information about our coronavirus plans, as well as other ways to contact us, on our website: sgn.co.uk/coronavirus.

Diversion route – HGV and large lorries

With a lane closure in place, the width of road space available on Moreton Road during this project will not be suitable for oversized vehicles, HGV and large lorries. Advance diversion route signage will be in place on approaching roads to allow redirection. Bespoke signage at beginning of works advising access width is limited not suitable for HGV’s or lorries.

We appreciate the nature of our work is disruptive for communities, we have taken the opportunity now whilst a lockdown is in place, to try and minimise this for the community. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by these works.

If you’d like to get in touch about our project, you can speak to our 24hr Customer Service team on 0800 912 1700.”