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Local History: Submit Your Memories

Buxplore is our new community app! Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Buxplore is a way to wander around Buckingham visiting historic sites and finding out more about them. The first six routes were launched in May 2020.

We have had some fantastic contributions from the local community and would love more. If you have photographs, memories or art of any of the locations on our app (from the past or modern) you can submit them on our new Buxplore: tell us your memories app submission page. We are looking for:

  • Interesting stories
  • Personal memories
  • photographs
  • Personal drawings
  • Audio recordings
  • There are some rules – anything you submit must be your own work, memories must be in your own words, art or drawings must have been created by you, and photographs must be images you or your family took yourself and you personally own.

We are happy to accept submissions from anyone! Resident or visitor, child or adult, we’d love to see what you created.

Photographs can be old, or modern. The copyright of photographs is very complex (the original photographer owns them for 70 years after their death!) and we therefore can not accept any scanned images from books, or photographs of unknown origin. For obvious reasons, we also won’t accept anything offensive.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your submission on the app straight away. If we receive lots of submissions we will find a way to display things that can’t be included at the start.

To submit your memories, please use the form on this page.

Submit Your Memories

This name will be used to credit your submission to Buxplore, and appear on the app, if you prefer to be anonymous, please write ‘anonymous’ in the box.
Please choose one of the locations from the list, or select ‘other’ for somewhere else in Buckingham
This could be something historic that happened hundreds of years ago or a personal memory from much more recently. Example: Market Square was where the stocks were, but also where an elephant came to film a controversial advert.
Accepted file types: mp3, jpg, png, Max. file size: 5 MB.
Please read the notes about copyright and photographs before submitting them. Audio files should be no more than a few minutes long.
Is everything you have added to this form in your own words and your own copyright?(Required)
You must confirm that you own everything submitted. If you are submitting this form on behalf of a friend or relative, please make this declaration on their behalf. If you are not sure, please try and find out before submitting.
30 May 2022
Last Updated
18 April 2023