Pontio Group

The Pontio Group is a joint action group between Buckingham Town Council and the University of Buckingham. They aim to initiate, coordinate and support actions which harness and blend the various resources of both the town and the university for the benefit of all who live, study, work, play and visit in Buckingham. They also aim to build excellent relationships between the civic, academic, commercial and leisure organisations in the town and work for a future of Buckingham in which all enjoy a life full of ambition, learning, prosperity, and wellbeing. The Group meets four times per year.

The word ‘Pontio’ is a Welsh word which means “to bridge”. This means that the group try to bring town and gown together in a real and tangible manner. Pontio was created in the Summer of 2018 after members of the council were inspired by Bangor, a Welsh University Town and how well connected they are.

The University of Buckingham is small compared to others but resides in a close-knit town where they are eager to be involved in community projects and making a positive impact. Since the Pontio Group was created, great things have happened, including numerous events such as EntFest (a unique celebration of enterprise and entrepreneurship), The Buckingham Literary Festival and the Duck Race.

30 May 2022
Last Updated
11 April 2023