Other Funding

As well as Buckingham Town Council grants, there are many other local groups offering grants or funding to groups in Buckingham.

Heart of Bucks

Heart of Bucks award grants to a broad range of causes and are able to support the majority of community activities, including: new and existing projects, core running costs and capital expenditure. Throughout the year Heart of Bucks also manage specific grant funds with their own criteria and priorities. These funds generally have rules about the kind of projects or organisations that can apply. For example, there might be funding available only for those looking to tackle a particular social issue. Heart of Bucks also offer loans, these could allow your group to buy items they need now, and fund raise for them afterwards.

Buckingham and Gawcott Charitable Trust

Buckingham and Gawcott Charitable Trust (BGCT) can offer financial grants. The Trust’s aim is to utilise the trust’s assets for the benefit of the organisations and inhabitants of the town of Buckingham and the parish of Gawcott.

Bee Green Grant Fund

The Gawcott Fields Community Solar Farm have small (up to £500) and large amounts available for local organisations in Buckingham and surrounding areas.

Gawcott Solar want to support local community-led projects which:

  • Develop community-led low carbon infrastructure, renewable energy generation and energy efficiency initiatives
  • Provide educational and other community activities which promote awareness of climate change, energy and environmental related issues and help develop positive community-led responses to the challenges we face

If you have any questions please get in touch by email. You can also find out more and download the application form on the Gawcott Solar website.

Buckingham Almshouse and Welfare Charity

In need of housing? Consider applying to Buckingham Almshouse and Welfare Charity. There are 12 almshouses which are located at Church Street and at Christ’s Hospital, Market Hill (between the old post office and Verney Close) in Buckingham. Applicants must have lived for the previous two years in the Parish of Buckingham (which includes Buckingham, Gawcott, Lenborough and Bourton), in order to be eligible. There is also a Relief in Need Charity for the Parish of Buckingham.

Application forms can be obtained from Miss K. Phillips, 78 London Road, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK11 1JH.

Thought about National Funding?

There’s a wide range of charities and organisations offering funding across the whole of England or the United Kingdom. To start looking, think about what kind of project you want to run. Is it a community event or would you like to expand your sports club to include disabled people? Then search for funds that are specifically for the kind of project you want to run.

The National Lottery is a great place to start looking. They run a wide range of funds that can be applied for by groups anywhere across the UK and can offer grants of thousands of pounds for the right project. The funds include artssports or community project funds.

Wherever you decide to apply for funding, you may be asked to provide letters of support that show your local community think your project is a good idea. Buckingham Town Council can talk to you about your project and provide letters of support, if we agree the project is a good idea. We also might be able to support your project in other practical ways.


Fairhive has an investment fund of up to £250,000 per year that aims to benefit communities and enrich the lives of people living in Aylesbury Vale and beyond. The fund supports a wide variety of cultural, sporting, and social activities, as well as supporting and equipping services for those most in need.

The Thriving Communities Fund aims to provide financial support for their residents and also voluntary and community organisations that operate within the areas where their residents live. 

Buckingham Table

Buckingham Table is a social group that raise money for local causes. You might know them from the fabulous Buckingham Santa run, but you can also applying for charitable donations for your group from the Table.

Buckingham Rotary

Buckingham Rotary is another social group that get involved in fund raising for local charities. If you are a local charity looking for funding consider getting in touch.

30 May 2022
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9 October 2023