Council Plans

Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan

The public referendum for the Neighbourhood Plan took place on the 17th September 2015 and the result was in favour of Aylesbury Vale District Council using the Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area.

The decision statement is available to read online.

The ‘BNDP’ is led by Buckingham Town Council to guide and influence the future of Buckingham.

Neighbourhood Plans are part of the planning system and carry legal weight to challenge development. Because they are a part of the actual planning system, Neighbourhood Plans must be robustly prepared and meet specific requirements, therefore there are several supporting documents which form part of the final plan, all of which can be downloaded or viewed on this page. The purpose of each report is explained in the introduction.

In April 2018 we employed a Town Plan Officer to review and refresh the Plan. As part of this work, the Town Plan Officer has been monitoring the occupancy rate of retail units.  This work is available for public comment and consultation.

Climate Emergency Action Plan

Buckingham Town Council declared a Climate Emergency in July 2019.  Since then the Council has been busy investigating actions the Town Council can take, as well as looking for ways to work with partners to make a difference.

View the Climate Emergency Action Plan

Find out more about the actions the Council has already taken to meet the action plan.

Tourism Plan

This tourism plan is an action plan for delivering a quality visitor experience in Buckingham and the surrounding area. Buckingham will develop its tourism potential and strengthen its identity by working towards a clear vision for the future with partners.

Business Plan

The purpose of the plan is to provide a statement of the Council’s vision for the town and layout its key objectives, priorities and values. The Plan is set out over a five year period and provides a framework for the Town Council to work within. The Business Plan gives Buckingham residents a better understanding of how the Town Council sees its future, what it is trying to achieve, and how it intends to deliver on its aims. The Town Council will regularly review and update the Plan.

Download the 2020-2026 Business Plan

Previous Plans

The Buckingham Plan – a vision for a vibrant market town

The Buckingham Plan was published in 2008 to put forward the town’s aspirations and ambitions for its future to Aylesbury Vale District Council.

The planning system fundamentally changed in 2012, however many aspects of the 2008 plan will no doubt still be relevant.

The Buckingham Plan and its associated action plans are still available to download for information.

Download the Buckingham Plan 2008

Action Plan

The Town Council created a Strategic Plan highlighting what it wishes to achieve in the future. The Strategic Plan can be accessed here

As part of this Strategic Plan the Town Council created an Action Plan which can be downloaded. This outlines the work that the Town Council wants to progress during the coming year to make our town a better place to live, work and play.

Download the 2015-2016 Action Plan