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Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan

Are you interested in finding out more about the plans local landowners and developers have for the future development of Buckingham? The Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan is a legally enforceable planning document, focused just on Buckingham, which allows towns to grow in a planned way, in the locations (and to a local design code) agreed on by residents. The first plan was made in 2015, and it now needs to be renewed.

What is the Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP) Regulation 14 Consultation?

  • Buckingham Town Council has completed its first review of the Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan. The Council intends to include new policies and replace some older policies. This means the purpose of the review is to create a new, replacement, Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan. 
  • This consultation is about the proposed new, replacement, plan for Buckingham in accordance with The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 reg. 14
  • Only written responses can be accepted. These can be made by email to office@buckingham-tc.gov.uk by letter to Buckingham Town Council, Verney Close, Buckingham, MK18 1JP or by completing the digital consultation form. Verbal comments made in relation to this consultation will not be recorded as part of the consultation response. This is to ensure the accuracy of all consultation responses. 
  • In order to support you to complete your response, each policy is shown in a green box, and clearly labelled with a name and letters. You may find it helpful to make a note of your comments and the policies names as you read through the policies. 

Online Consultation Form

How can I have a say?

We want to hear your views on the proposed policies . A public consultation is taking place from 9th July to 31st August 2024. You can attend a drop in session or take part online. Responses received after the 31st August will not be accepted. 

Attending a drop in session is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Wednesday 24th July 20241-4pmCattle Pens, Town Centre
Saturday 17th August 202411-3pmCouncil Chamber, Cornwalls Meadow, adjacent to Waitrose
Tuesday 27th August 20249am – 3pmBuckingham Street Market, Market Hill

Policies about Design & Heritage

Policies about Culture, Leisure and Health

Policies about Economy & Education

Policies about Infrastructure

Where can I see the current Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The current Plan and related documents are available below, a hard copy is available at Buckingham Library (Verney Close, Buckingham MK18 1JP)

9 July 2024
Last Updated
10 July 2024