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Freewomen & Freemen of Buckingham

An Honorary Freewomen and Freeman of Buckingham award is presented to someone who has given a long, selfless, and unflagging service to Buckingham Town Council.
This is a rare award, not given out every year. After the Town Council agrees on recipients for the award, a scroll is presented to them at the Mayor’s Reception of that year. Many of the Freewomen and Freemen listed below are also past Mayors of Buckingham.

  • Mrs. Edna Embleton 1988
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fogden 1999
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stevens 2011
  • Mr. G.P. Loftus 2011
  • Mr. H. Cadd 2015
  • Mr. J. Cornwall 2016
  • Mr. R. C. Lehmann 2016
  • Ms. R. Newell 2021
  • Mrs. C. Strain-Clark 2021
  • Mr. T. Bloomfield 2022
  • Mr. M. Smith 2023
  • Mrs. B. Farmer 2023
30 May 2022
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6 December 2023