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Buckingham’s Town Crier

The position of Town Crier is an internationally recognised, ancient and honourable position. Buckingham Town Crier is a voluntary post for which Buckingham Town Council acts as appointing body and agent. The Town Crier is a very public ambassador for Buckingham.

History of a Town Crier

The role of a Town Crier dates back to the dawn of history. References can be found in the Bible, Quran, Torah and they are also visible in the Bayeux Tapestry of 1070.

In medieval times a Town Crier’s role included policing, fire patrols and public hangings; but luckily today a loud voice, diction, stance and presence fulfill the role!

In history Town Criers would proclaim taxes, cost of produce, war announcements, bylaws, crimes, holidays, employment opportunities and important topics to the gathering public.

It was the tradition that scrolled news was nailed to the post of the local Inn, to allow literate people to spread the word (hence the saying ‘posting a notice’).

The Town Crier of Buckingham will announce exciting events including pancake races, maypole dancing, live music and funfairs. Past Town Criers’ have also taken part in announcing the Proclamation of a new Monarch to the town.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Town Crier represents Buckingham and its residents and is expected to maintain a high standard of appropriate behaviour and courtesy whilst on duty and is required to be clean, smart, sober, polite and jovial.

The Town Crier will be asked to attend all Buckingham Town Council civic events alongside the Mayor and Mace Bearer. The Town Crier will also be asked to attend other community events in which the Town Council is directly involved.

Upcoming events that the Town Crier will be invited to attend:

  • March –  Commonwealth Day Flag Raising
  • May – May Day Celebrations, Music In The Market
  • June – Mayor Making
  • August – Bandjam
  • September – Merchant Navy Day Flag Raising
  • October – Charter Fair
  • November – Christmas Light Switch On
  • December – Christmas Parade
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30 March 2023
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13 April 2023