Isolation Examination Big Fringe Week Quiz

For the 2nd year, the Isolation Examination Big Fringe Week Quiz is back!

Join Mikey Dyson and Ryan for an extra special quiz as we celebrate Buckingham Fringe Week in our usual fun quizzical way, featuring questions from local businesses, organisations and social groups.

So, join us in the comfort of your own home and search for the Isolation Examination Facebook page to take part.

Play Around The Parishes

Play Around the Parishes is organised by Buckinghamshire Council and is a free event.

It is aimed at children aged 1-10 with the intention for them to have the opportunity to explore lots of arts and crafts and fun activities.

Hope for some summer sun and enjoy days full of family, friends and fun during the weekdays between 22nd July to 27th August 2021.

For more information about dates and locations, visit Buckinghamshire Councils website or call them on 01296 585 298.