Over £30,000 to be given to local groups in Buckingham as Town Council Grants

A number of fantastic projects were chosen for grant funding from Buckingham Town Council this year.  Last year the Town Council carried out a review of the support the Council provides to the community and voluntary groups in the town.  As a result, the Town Council offered four-year grants for the first time.  The Council received a good number of strong applications.  More long-term grants have been awarded in previous years, providing local organisations with some secure funding to enable them to plan ahead.

This year there was an increase in the number of environmental projects applying for funding, including for solar panels to be installed at Buckingham Town Cricket Club and upgrading outdoor floodlighting at Buckingham Tennis Club to more environmentally friendly LED versions.

A full list of the projects funded is below:

Four-year projects:

Please note each four-year grant amount includes an annual 3.5% uplift.



amount awarded 2022 – 2026

Citizens Advice Bucks

Free qualified advice for anyone in need through the Buckingham office.


Buckingham Youth Clubs

After school and holiday youth clubs for young people.


Chandos Park Bowls Club

Bowls Green maintenance


Buckingham Summer Festival

Annual Festival Gala Concert


Buckingham Fairtrade Steering Group

Promotion of Buckingham as a Fairtrade Town


Buckingham Old Gaol Trust

Towards staff and maintenance costs


Chandos Park Tennis Club

Replacement of floodlights with environmentally friendly LED system


Project Street Life

Subsidy of annual residential for young people who will benefit but cannot afford to otherwise attend.


The Council has also made a number of one-year grants, including new projects from Transitions UK: who mentor vulnerable young people at risk of offending and a contribution towards a beacon for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at St Peter & St Paul’s Church.

One year projects:


Project Name

amount awarded

Transitions UK

Aspire Partnership Project (Buckingham Hub) mentoring for vulnerable young people


Buckingham Parish Church

Platinum Beacon for The Queen’s Jubilee


Buckingham United Football Club

Club Training Equipment


Buckingham Town Cricket Club

Roof-mounted Solar Panel Electricity Installation


West End Bowls Club

Flood Defence for clubhouse


Swan Community Hub

Swan Community Hub – free parent & child summer clubs for families with young children


Buckingham & District Angling Association

“Accessible for all” fishing platform at Woodfields.


Lace Hill Residents’ Association

Community Spirit activities around the estate.


The Chair of the Resources Committee, Cllr. Lisa O’Donoghue said “Thanks to members of this Committee we were able to agree these grants, which will help local groups and organisations give back to the community. This year many applications focused on the environment, from keeping back the floods, harnessing the sun or shining friendlier lights in the dark, benefitting us and future generations. This is why the grants process is invaluable and my fellow councillors and I look forward to seeing this money put to good use.”

Community Speed Watch Champion Needed

Is there a speeding problem in Buckingham? Have you seen near misses between cars, lorries, pedestrians or cyclists that would have been avoided if vehicles stuck to the speed limit?

For many years Buckingham has had a keen and well organised Community Speed Watch team, and while permission has been given for community speed watch programs to start again after lockdown, Buckingham is now short a few key members:

  • A Lead Volunteer is required to restart the project in Buckingham. This person cares passionately about community safety and is happy to look after equipment, organise exercises, volunteers and the necessary paperwork.
  • Buckingham Community Speed Watch is also looking for general volunteers to take part.

Joining Community speed watch means taking pressure off front line Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) freeing up their time to tackle other local problems.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact the Buckingham Town Council office.

Previous Buckingham Speed Watch lead volunteer Mike Smith told us: “Speedwatch is a useful reminder to drivers to watch their speed whenever they stray over the 30mph limit at certain locations approved by Thames Valley Police. Having been involved with Speedwatch for over seven years, I know that residents living near to our speeding “hot spots” welcome our activities. Each Speedwatch exercise involves just two team members at a time, each of which lasts for about an hour. Most of the team volunteers for a couple of days each month (weather permitting). Organising the Speedwatch exercises and dealing with the paperwork is not onerous, but I feel it is time for someone else to take over the role while I move on to pastures new.”

Wellbeing Wednesday: Accessible for All

Many people struggle with mobility problems which hinders them in being able to do the things they’d like too every day. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors though, you can still reap all of the benefits by doing simple activities that can keep your bodies and minds healthy. Whether you’re someone who has restricted mobility, is housebound or is just looking for easy ways to keep active, here are some things you can try.

SilverSneakers GO

This app is tailored to older adults at every fitness level. When you're doing a workout, you can adjust each easy-to-follow exercise based on your comfort level by tapping your intensity level of choice: easier, standard, or harder. There's also different programs you can do including strength, walking, and meditation which can help you reach any health goals you might have.

How to get started:

  • Download SilverSneakers Go from the Google or Apple play store and then create an account.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Once you are logged in, you will be able to access the main dashboard which shows you Your Activities, Fitness Classes that are run via Zoom, Locations you can Explore and Your Progress.

Alternative Yoga

Staying home doesn't have to mean staying out of shape. Homebound individuals can be as fit and healthy as possible in a variety of ways. Simple calf raises and stretching can be done while watching TV or reading a newspaper. If you have a set of light hand weights or cans of beans and soup in your cupboard, they can be used to maintain their upper and lower body strength as well as aiding flexibility and bone strength. If you can manage getting out for a daily walk, why not try bench yoga? It not only has the benefits of regular yoga, such as helping with stress, pain, and fatigue but it can also help with joint lubrication, balance, and even age-specific issues like menopause and arthritis. So when you are out on your daily walk, why not find a bench and practice some yoga. It’s really simple to do; start by moving your wrists, arms or legs up and down or side to side. You can even try other movements like standing up and then sitting back down for even more prosperity.


Please note that due to current restrictions, Shopmobility is currently closed but will reopen as soon as we are able to do so.

If you or a member of your family are in Buckingham and are finding it hard to move around with ease, head to our Shopmobility centre where you can access a scooter to drive around on.

The Buckingham Shopmobility Service is a free scheme sponsored by Buckingham Town Council that allows anyone with a mobility problem, whether temporary or permanent, not just Blue Badge Holders, to get out and about in Buckingham town centre.

Worried about parking? Don’t be, there are allocated free parking spaces for Shopmobility users, next to the Shopmobility building that is situated in Cornwall's Meadow Car park, Buckingham. There are electric mobility scooters and manual wheelchairs available and the wheelchairs can be folded for loading into a vehicle for home use, hospital appointments, visits to local events and places of interest.

For more information, please call Shopmobility on 07738 314 027 or email TIC@buckingham-tc.gov.uk.

Online Activities

A computer and Internet connection can help keep homebound individuals fully engaged, and even social. Through the Internet, elderly people can research favourite hobbies, chat with others, and stay informed. There is also an abundance of games they can access too such as interactive Bingo or mental brain training to keep the mind sharp! It’s also very important that housebound individuals keep in touch with family members and see loved ones in real time on their computer screen.


What if I’m not tech savvy or don’t have internet? The internet is a great tool to enhance your daily life but it’s not mandatory to have in order for you to feel fulfilled. For instance, if you can no longer get to your local library because of low mobility, a book lover can subscribe to an online book rental service or host a monthly book club at home to share the love of literacy while socializing. For the gardener out there, they might not be able to access their own green space so rather than give up, they could make indoor potted plants or a mini-garden on windowsills for an acceptable substitute. I would encourage anyone who struggles with their mobility to try exploring new hobbies or perhaps loved past times. You never know, you might have some fun!

Possible Exercise Locations

Chandos Park Circle Path with Bench
Lacehill field and play area with bench
Bourton Park near River

Wellbeing Wednesday: Buxplore Green Route Activities

Outlined below are lots of fun and exciting activities that the whole family can enjoy together both outdoors and indoors from Leaf Art and Willow Crown making to Pooh Sticks and Shadow Tag gaming! You can do these activities in various places around Buckingham like Pooh Sticks from one of the Bourton Park bridges, Building a Den along Railway Walk or maybe even a Twig Maze in Chandos Park; lovely memories can be created anywhere. What will be your favourite activity?

Places to try these activities are highlighted on the Buxplore Green Trail!

Download Buxplore from the Google Play store!

Buckingham Town Council award record number of Community Grants

Buckingham Town Council has allocated a record amount of community grant funding for 2019/20 following a high number of recommendations.
Following an increase in applications to the Council for funding there will be an increase of £2,200 in the grants allocated to local community groups, meaning the Council will award a total of £25,511 in the coming financial year.
The Council are keen to support Citizens Advice Aylesbury Vale, and have decided to allocate the organisation one pound per household, based on the precept figure. This follows a recent decision by Winslow Town Council to take the same approach. “Our hope is that all other parishes will do something similar and ensure our local Citizens Advice is on a solid financial footing” said the Mayor.
“The Town Council is always keen to help local organisations that support our community. It is really impressive to see the good use that our local groups make of the limited funding that is available.”

Grant Applications