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Community Speed Watch Champion Needed

Is there a speeding problem in Buckingham? Have you seen near misses between cars, lorries, pedestrians or cyclists that would have been avoided if vehicles stuck to the speed limit?

For many years Buckingham has had a keen and well organised Community Speed Watch team, and while permission has been given for community speed watch programs to start again after lockdown, Buckingham is now short a few key members:

  • A Lead Volunteer is required to restart the project in Buckingham. This person cares passionately about community safety and is happy to look after equipment, organise exercises, volunteers and the necessary paperwork.
  • Buckingham Community Speed Watch is also looking for general volunteers to take part.

Joining Community speed watch means taking pressure off front line Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) freeing up their time to tackle other local problems.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact the Buckingham Town Council office.

Previous Buckingham Speed Watch lead volunteer Mike Smith told us: “Speedwatch is a useful reminder to drivers to watch their speed whenever they stray over the 30mph limit at certain locations approved by Thames Valley Police. Having been involved with Speedwatch for over seven years, I know that residents living near to our speeding “hot spots” welcome our activities. Each Speedwatch exercise involves just two team members at a time, each of which lasts for about an hour. Most of the team volunteers for a couple of days each month (weather permitting). Organising the Speedwatch exercises and dealing with the paperwork is not onerous, but I feel it is time for someone else to take over the role while I move on to pastures new.”

9 June 2021
Last Updated
22 July 2022
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