Looking for an apprenticeship?


Buckingham Town Council Job Vacancy logoBuckingham Town Council has been working with Aylesbury College to recruit an Apprentice Office Administrator to join our office team. As a Town Council this is a great opportunity to get started in a varied role, involving office administration, events, committees, marketing and more.

The weekly wage will be £160.95.

The role is 37 hours per week. Mainly Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm although there will be some weekend and evening work for events and committees. All extra hours will be taken as time off in lieu.

Some of the tasks will include:

  • Answer phone calls politely and deal with queries quickly and efficiently, taking messages for staff and Councillors
  • Distribute town leaflets to the Tourist Information Centre and other outlets
  • Attend Council functions, assist where necessary and take photos
  • Monitor, order and maintain the levels of stationery
  • Provide general administrative support for Buckingham Town Council office and other departments as and when required (including typing, sending faxes, photocopying, shredding, filing, proof reading, archiving)
  • Update the Electoral Roll and arrange for Welcome Packs to be sent to new residents
  • Take care of invitations on behalf of the Mayor
  • Take Chamber bookings and keep the calendar up-to-date
  • Update the Town Council’s website and social media as instructed
  • Deal with the public in a polite and helpful manner
  • Attend training courses in accordance with identified training requirements
  • Assist with arrangements for the youth council
  • Assist at events such as Bonfire and Fireworks, Christmas Lights switch-on and the Council’s music festivals

Please apply via the Centre for Apprenticeships website

If you have any queries about this role, please contact the Deputy Town Clerk, Claire Molyneux. 

9th November: new date for Buckingham Bonfire and Fireworks!

Bonfire and Fireworks poster 9th November 2019Buckingham Town Council was forced to make the difficult decision to cancel the Buckingham Bonfire and Fireworks event at 9am on Saturday morning. The decision was made due to the extremely boggy conditions at the Bourton Park paddock where the event is held; which experienced staff members judged as too wet for the vehicles moving into the field for the event, and potentially hazardous to those coming to watch the fireworks.

This assessment was made early on the Saturday morning and all parties notified as quickly as possible in order to avoid cancellation fees – this means that the funds used to pay for the event are still available and with some minor changes it has been possible to reschedule the Bonfire and Fireworks this Saturday 9th November.

We are delighted to confirm that Titanium Fireworks will be lighting up the sky with a colour popping display, the event starts from 6pm with music and tasty hot food and drinks, including donuts.

In line with our environmental policies Titanium have told us that they are committed to carbon offsetting, and have already offset 80 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Chair of the Town Centre & Events Committee Councillor Andy Mahi said: “We’re delighted to be able to reschedule the Bonfire and Fireworks as we know how popular it is with residents – we hope to see everyone there on Saturday 9th November at 6pm!”

Job Vacancy: Grounds Maintenance Person

Grounds Maintenance Person
Full Time 37 Hours per week
SCP 8-12: £19,945 – £21,589
Depending on experience and qualifications

We have an exciting opportunity for someone to join our Greenspaces team to assist the Town Council with the up-keep of its open spaces and properties.

Buckingham Town Council manages the parks, play areas, the Cemetery and other assets within the Town, this is a varied role with both grounds and property maintenance being required.

We are looking for an enthusiastic man/woman with good practical skills for this largely outdoor role. A background in landscaping or horticulture is desirable and a full driving licence is essential.

The main tasks will include:

  • Maintaining and repairing the Town Council’s parks and green spaces, properties and assets.
  • Carry out grounds maintenance and horticultural tasks, including the use of machinery for hedge cutting and grass cutting.
  • Carrying out maintenance and burial duties at the cemetery.
  • Help in setting up, running and clearing Town Council events including assisting in the implementation of road closures.
  • Dealing with queries from members of the public in a polite and helpful manner.

The role is a full time position with occasional additional weekend work being required to assist in the running of events.

Due to the nature of the role, all grounds maintenance staff are subject to health surveillance to ensure they are physically able to complete their duties.

Buckingham Town Council is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Further information is available in the job information and description or for an informal discussion about the post, please contact the Estates Manager Lee Phillips on 01280 816426. 

If you would like to apply for this role please complete the following application pack and submit the application either by post to:
Buckingham Town Council
Buckingham Centre
Verney Close
MK18 1JP
or by email to: Greenspaces@buckingham-tc.gov.uk

Closing date for applications: Monday 25th November 2019 at 12 noon.


Wheelchair friendly picnic table in Bourton Park.

Buckingham Town Council have installed a new wheelchair and pushchair accessible picnic benches at Bourton Park, thanks to funding from local group, Buckingham AccessforAll. The bench was designed and assembled by the Town Council’s Greenspaces Team using locally source timber.New picnic bench with John Russell from Access 4 All.

Cllr. Ruth Newell, Chair of Environment Committee, said: “This is a great addition to Bourton Park and we thank AccessforAll for funding this Picnic Bench. It looks great and will be well used.”

Mr. Ed Grimsdale, Secretary of AccessforAll said: Our Access Group wanted to set an example by raising some money to buy something which would be useful both for disabled people resident in Buckingham and the town’s visitors. It decided to buy an accessible park bench because there’s a legal duty under the discrimination acts to make such provision but also it’s fun to be included, to be sat with friends around the New picnic bench with Ed Grimsdale from Access 4 Allsame table sharing a picnic in the fresh air. The Town Council’s Estate Manager responded with enthusiasm and suggested that he and his team could design and make a great bench that would be better value and more durable that anything currently on the market. 

Thus, the new, rugged BUCKINGHAM ACCESSIBLE PICNIC BENCH has been built and installed in Bourton Park.”



Buckingham Town Council invests in its first electric vehicle

Buckingham Town Council is excited to announce that its Greenspaces Team has a brand-new electric van meaning the Council will be able to serve the community in a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly way.

The new addition to the fleet is a Renault Kangoo and is 100% electric. The new van, complete with signwriting, will be seen out and about in Buckingham when the Greenspaces Team carries out many of its duties including building and parks maintenance and event support.

Councillor Ruth Newell, Chair of the Environment Committee added: “I am pleased that we had the opportunity to replace one of our vehicles and that we have been able to fund an electric vehicle perfect for our green spaces team to use around the Town and Parks and environmentally friendly in line with our Climate Change Action Plan.”

So far feedback from staff using the vehicle has been ‘excellent’.

Parking charges at Buckingham Hospital

A statement from Cllr Mark Cole JP:

Buckingham Hospital

Buckingham Hospital

“Buckingham Town Council is extremely concerned that Bucks Healthcare is introducing parking charges at Buckingham Community Hospital without any consultation with either the Council or with the Buckingham Hospital League of Friends.I find this both discourteous and an abuse of process, and we have asked for an urgent meeting with Bucks Healthcare.

“We accordingly ask that any attempt to charge for parking at the hospital be postponed until we have had this meeting and put forward Buckingham’s response to this extra burden on all hospital users.”

Cllr Mark Cole JP, Mayor of Buckingham

All Hail the Bard of Buckingham!

Buckingham has crowned its first Bard!

The first Buckingham Bardic Trial was held in the Cote, at the rear of the Woolpack pub, on Tuesday 1st October.  The Town Crier welcomed a packed audience, and the event was then opened by the host, the Mayor Councillor Mark Cole JP.

Six competitors took part.  Each gave two performances, one related to the theme “Buckingham” and one of their choice.  There was a wide variety of styles and presentation, all of which drew applause!

Entrants had to be are over 18 and live within a day’s walk of the Old Gaol.

After the second round, the audience voted using ballot papers, which resulted in a tie.  This led to Buckingham’s first “Bard off”, where the two first placed Bards, Dean Jones and Cherry Coombe, each presented a third piece, followed by a second round of voting, with just two choices.  The winner was Dean Jones.  Dean is the University of Buckingham’s Partnerships and Outreach Manager.  Dean’s performances demonstrated a passion for Buckingham, causing laughter and applause on each occasion.

The runner up, Cherry Coombe, was hailed as the new Deputy Bard.

Following the announcement of his victory, Dean opened the sealed Bardic Scroll and signed the Bardic Oath, first coined in Stony Stratford:

“Words gather and now my bardic watch begins.  It shall not end for a year and a Bard of Buckingham Dean Jones with Deputy Bard Cherry Coombe and Mayor Cllr. Mark Coleday.  I shall herald the town, raise for bardic causes, and keep it family friendly…

I shall wear no crown, and win no glory.  I shall live and not languish at my post. 

I am the word in the silence.  I am the mouth of the masses.  I am the voice that celebrates the Buckingham.  I pledge my words and honour to this Bardic Year, for this night and all the nights come.”

Dean left the stage to chants of “All hail the Bard”.

The next step will be to form Buckingham’s Bardic Council.  The Council will support the new Bard through the year, perhaps even offering inspiration if their muse proves elusive.  The Council will consist of local poets, storytellers and supporters.  The Council will meet for the first time on Tuesday 8th October at the Buckingham Old Gaol from 19:00.  Anyone who would like to support the Bard or help develop the role would be very welcome.

Dean will now reign for a year and a day.  During the year, he will be invited to present original pieces at a range of events in the town, including the Christmas Light Switch on and Fringe Festival.

Dean said:

I’m both surprised and delighted to take on the role of First ‘Bard of Buckingham’. I would like to use this as an opportunity to bring the community together and give people in the town a voice. This should be an opportunity to celebrate everything that makes Buckingham special and have a bit of fun along the way. I’m looking forward to embracing the role in a collaborative way with the Deputy Bard Cherry Coombe as well as anyone in the town who has an interest in poetry, public speaking and spoken word who wants to get involved or take part along the way.’

Dean’s winning Buckingham themed poem: “Buckingham 10K”

‘This is my attempt at a Buckingham 10k (marathon of a) poem

Buckingham 10k

Once upon a time there was a child who liked to run
They’d run for hours and hours and hours and do it just for fun

They’d run to school each morning, they’d run through break and brunch
They’d run home to their parents’ house, they’d run to get their lunch

They’d run when they were happy, they’d run when they were sad
they’d even run on Christmas Day, it drove their parents mad

Their running got much better, they started winning races
Everybody cheered them on, they put smiles on people’s faces

They’d run the weekly 5k race called Buckingham parkrun’,
They’d run with lots of other folk, they’d do it just for fun

They even had a finish line and they’d take it everywhere
They’d run the annual ‘10k Race’ from here to somewhere over there

They’d run up old dark alley, past the Latin and secondary school
They’d run past cheering school mates who thought running fast was cool

They’d pass Hunter Street to Tingewick Road past the University
They’d run past Louis’ on Nelson Street, past the bull ring lined with trees

They’d run along the cycle path, past the printers BCQ, They’d run to Lace Hill Playing fields, if you haven’t been their do!

They’d run to Binns and the Mitre Pub, they’d run to the X5 bus
They won the London marathon but didn’t want much fuss

They’d run through Cornwall’s Meadow, past Black Pepper and Waitrose
They’d run past all the High Street shops where everybody goes

They’d run to Buckingham Library and the Beautiful Old Gaol
They’d run past 5 Barbers, 8 coffee shops,
a tattoo parlour,
a yoga centre,
a fitness studio,
the post office,
W H Smiths,
Leaders hardware,
Antique shic
Barclays Bank
The dry cleaners
The offie
The Kings Head for a gin
and the White Hart for an ale
…oh and the Woolpack!

They’d run to the concrete skate park, past the Town Hall and Three cups
They’d run up to Tesco’s Roundabout the one developers messed up

They’d run all along Badgers Way, along the beautiful canal
They’d sometimes feel quite lonely so found company with pals

Their running days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months
The years raced on and still they ran and they always came up trumps

They ran to save a life one day, they ran the railway walk
They ran on along Stowe Avenue where people go to talk

They ran into the local church, to start their married life
They ran to the maternity ward in Milton Keynes (university) hospital to speak to a midwife

They’d run around Bourton Park and up and down Page Hill
They couldn’t stop the running all that running made them Ill

They ran into Swan Surgery to hear what Doctor might prescribe
And when the nurse in there took their pulse she couldn’t quite describe…

‘The condition that you have’ said Doc, ‘is something very rare’
‘You have a virus called runningitus so I’m prescribing you a chair’

They’d run to the moon and back you know, they’d do anything now to stop
And one day they did you know, when they’d finally reached the top

They ran to the Buckingham Civic Day to collect their running medal
They met the mayor with silver hair, they were awarded a bike to pedal

The Advertiser ran a story, it made Buckingham What Matters
The conversation was positive, leaving Brexit spats in tatters

They had all the fame and glory, they’d seen everything they could
They’d looked back on their running days knowing their yesterdays were good

One day they ran right out of breath, they couldn’t run much more
They could barely get up and out of bed, their joints were old and sore

They reached a point where age had won, their hair had thinned and greyed
They ran out of time in this life, their time had run away

We ran to Buckingham cemetery to say our last farewells
The tears ran down a thousand cheeks

And to the ground they fell.

Now they run somewhere else, wherever somewhere is
If anyone talks about them, they speak through running tears

Once upon a time there was
a child who liked to run

They’d run for hours and hours and hours and do it just for fun’

Town Council opposes use of public money to fund commercial soft-play at the Swan Pool

On Monday 30th September 2019 Buckingham Town Councillors discussed a proposal from Aylesbury Vale District Council to use S106 funds (Developer contributions) for the installation of a soft play facility at the Swan Pool.  The proposal was to use £58,800 to fully fund the installation of the equipment, along with air conditioning and a new floor.

Town Councillors highlighted that the proceeds from the sale of the climbing wall were not being used to offset the cost of the new installation.  Councillors expressed discomfort with S106 funds being used to provide facilities for a commercial provider, particularly where this will fund the setup of a service which will compete with an established local business.  Councillors did not feel that the sufficient market research had been carried out to evidence demand for the service proposed.  Members also highlighted that the Town Council is still waiting for the District Council to upgrade the Skate Park and also for action on a BMX track.

Town Councillors will review their “wish-list” of preferred schemes to be funded later this year.

This is yet another example of AVDC deciding for Buckingham what it thinks it wants,” says Cllr Mark Cole JP, Mayor of Buckingham. “We have for years been putting our Section 106 contributions wish list before AVDC, with the BMX track – which would be on public land and free-of-charge to users – at the top of the urgent priorities. We cannot therefore support this money being allocated to a commercial business facility for which users would be charged.”

Bus Diversions and Road Closures: Buckingham Charter Fair

Please be aware of the following bus diversions over the following days in October:

Buckingham Bus Stand will be CLOSED from:

10am Friday 11  October until the end of Saturday 12 October

& 10am Friday 18 October until the end of Saturday 20 October

Passengers are advised:

  • Services 18, 131, 132 & 151 to Akeley, Maids Moreton, and Western Avenue will depart from the Moreton Road stop
  • Service 18 will depart from London Road opposite Chandos Road
  • Service X60 buses will serve the ‘Chandos Road’ stops located on London Road before diverting via Bourton Road and the A413
  • Service 60 buses please use the ‘Chandos Road’ stops located on London Road
  • Afternoon Journeys only
    • Service 80 / X80 will operate from the stops on Moreton Road.
    • Service 83 will operate from the ‘Chandos Road’ stops.
  • Service X5 will serve ‘Tesco’ stops only on the London Road.

Buckingham Road Closure: 

We would like to inform you that a Road Closure Order and Parking Order is in force for the Charter Fairs and covers the following areas on Friday 11th October, Saturday 12th October and then again on Friday 18th October and Saturday 19th October 2019.

Cars found to be parked in such a way as to cause an obstruction in the the designated area covered by the order, are liable to be removed by the relevant authorities. The cost of reclaiming your vehicle could be from £150.


Emergency access will be ensured for Northend Court, Buckingham Hospital, Paynes Court, Markhams Court and Verney Close.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, however we can assure you that the steps taken are in the interest of the public safety.

Your contact in this matter is Amanda Brubaker, Events Co-ordinator, who can be contacted on 01280 816426 or e-mailed at events@buckingham-tc.gov.uk

Buckingham pavement potholes filled in

Repaired path on Church Street

Repair of long term pavement defects on Church Street, funded by the scheme

Buckingham Town Council has been working with Buckinghamshire County Council to cut down on wait times for road and footpath repairs in Buckingham.

Under a new devolved pilot scheme, Buckingham was chosen as one of five town and parish councils who have been given permission and funding to tackle issues such as potholes on minor roads directly.  Under the agreement, Buckingham Town Council had enough funding to repair 140 defects in local roads and paths in Buckingham with a speed limit of 30mph or less. Following a review of complaints and a survey by Town Councillors, each defect was identified as one that could be significantly improved with small repairs. This has included 136 potholes, relaying slabs and creating new footpath drain channels.

While some roads could not be worked on as they are in need of total resurfacing, these small repairs are important to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe and protect vehicles from pothole damage.

The works would not have taken place without this scheme, so the Town Council has been able to provide improvements in partnership with the County Council for the first time.

Picture of Cllr. Ruth Newell

Cllr. Ruth Newell

Buckingham Town Councillor Ruth Newell, chair of the Environment Committee that agreed the work said Buckingham Town Councillor Ruth Newell, chair of the Environment Committee that agreed the work said “I am so glad that we were able to take part in this scheme, that I fully supported as we were able to focus the repairs on the defective roads and paths that were important to Buckingham people …”

Mark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County Council Deputy Leader and Transport Cabinet Member said: “Town and parish councils have their feet firmly on the ground and can react quickly to local highways needs, which makes the partnership between Buckingham Town Council and the County Council of enormous benefit to residents and businesses in the town.”