Town Centre & Events Committee 25/10/2021

The Town Centre and Events Committee met last week on the 25th October to discuss a bumber crop of 2021 and 2022 events, including:

  • This year’s popular Celebrate Buckingham event will return during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Thursday 2nd June 2021.
  • A public art event, similar to this year’s fabulous Otter Trail, was agreed for Summer 2022.
  • A new policy on carers tickets for Town Council events was agreed, allowing up to two free carer tickets for guests with disabilities. This means every attendee can have the support they need to fully enjoy events.
  • Thanks was recorded to Dean Jones, the outgoing Bard of Buckingham and recorded their congratulations to the new Bard of Buckingham, Sami, former Bard of Northampton. Councillors decided that the Town Council would finance a second publication of Mr Jones’s book of poetry which could be sold through the Tourist Information Centre.

Environment Committee Monday 18th October 2021

This week the Environment Committee met last Monday. A minute’s silence was held in respect for David Amess MP.

Topics covered included:

  • The Buckingham Community Response Flood Plan was updated.
  • Councillors heard about a text exercise to see how well the Community Response Flood Plan works. The Town Council and Buckinghamshire Council carried out the exercise with the help of the flood wardens and local residents. More flood wardens are needed anyone interested can sign up online
  • Councillors discussed a detailed report about Buckingham’s overall carbon footprint and asked the Council’s Community Champions to come up with ways of responding
  • The installation of solar panels at Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre, making the centre more environmentally friendly and decreasing costs, was announced.

Interim Full Council and Planning Working Group 28th June 2021

Members of the Council met last night in person at Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre. The following matters were discussed:

Interim Full Council:

  • Members AGREED to oppose the Amended Planning Application for a residential development of up to 420 dwellings off Osier Way and one new access off Gawcott Road.
  • Oxford-Milton Keynes and Peterborough-Northampton-Oxford connectivity studies – Members agreed a response to the Online Consultation.

Planning Working Group:

  • A Member of the public attended the Public Session to raise concerns over 18/04626/APP Garage site 456999g Overn Crescent.
  • Members considered five planning applications and decided to recommend to oppose four of the five applications received from Buckinghamshire Council.

Environment Working Group 14th June and Communications Strategy Working Group 10th June

Last night the Environment Working Group met, amongst other matters the following was discussed:

  • Cllr. Warren Whyte as Chair and Cllr. Anja Schaefer appointed as Vice-Chair of the Environment Working Group for 2021/22.
  • Street lighting – Members agreed for a consultation and review of Buckingham’s streetlights to explore putting in extra illumination.
  • The first Draft of the Community Flood Response Plan was noted and Members will seek to establish a Working Group after the publication of Buckinghamshire Council’s Section 19 report.
  • The Estates Team are researching options for commissioning a Holocaust Memorial Stone in Bourton Park
  • Members agreed to support the proposal to set up a repair café in Buckingham.
    Office Recycling facilities to be setup in all Town council premises

Last week the Communications Strategy Working Group met to discuss:

  • Cllr. Jon Harvey was selected as Chair and Cllr. Martin Try as Vice-Chair of the Communications Strategy Working Group for 2021/22.
  • Progress with the Summer 2021 newsletter and content for the Autumn 2021 edition.
  • Progress on developing the Town Council website and ideas for it’s improvement.
  • Annual statistical reports.
  • The purchase of additional signage to advertise Summer events.

Planning Committee: 24th May 2021

The Planning Committee of Buckingham Town Council met on Monday 24th May. The full agenda is available in our archive.

The following decisions were made:

  • Cllr. Mark Cole JP was elected as Chair and Cllr. Anthony Ralph as Vice-Chair.
  • Cllr. Sue Hetherington was chosen to represent Buckingham Town Council on the North Bucks Parishes Planning Consortium East-West Rail Group
  • Of the planning applications discussed, 5 were recorded as no objections (one with the proviso to the satisfaction of the Heritage Officer) and 1 application was opposed. Of the tree applications discussed 6 were recorded as no objections and 1 opposed. Please note: planning applications are not decided by Buckingham Town Council, its objections or approval are given as a consultee to the planning authority: Buckinghamshire Council.
  • Briefing notes will continue to be provided for the agenda by the Planning Officer.
  • Buckinghamshire Council’s tree officer is to be invited to attend a meeting with Buckingham Town Council’s Planning Committee, Environment Committee, Tree Wardens and the Buckingham Society.
  • The next meeting of the Planning Committee will take place on Tuesday 8th June on Zoom.

A live stream of the meeting is available on YouTube. Full minutes of the meeting will be available via our 2021 archive in due course.