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Town Centre & Events Committee 25/10/2021

The Town Centre and Events Committee met last week on the 25th October to discuss a bumber crop of 2021 and 2022 events, including:

  • This year’s popular Celebrate Buckingham event will return during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Thursday 2nd June 2021.
  • A public art event, similar to this year’s fabulous Otter Trail, was agreed for Summer 2022.
  • A new policy on carers tickets for Town Council events was agreed, allowing up to two free carer tickets for guests with disabilities. This means every attendee can have the support they need to fully enjoy events.
  • Thanks was recorded to Dean Jones, the outgoing Bard of Buckingham and recorded their congratulations to the new Bard of Buckingham, Sami, former Bard of Northampton. Councillors decided that the Town Council would finance a second publication of Mr Jones’s book of poetry which could be sold through the Tourist Information Centre.
2 November 2021
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2 November 2021
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