Eggstra-flipping fun at Buckingham Pancake Races

There was a fine turnout of runners for this year’s Buckingham’s Great Pancake Race.  On Tuesday 22nd February, keen competitors wearing aprons and carrying frying pans hurled themselves across the green next to St Peter & St Paul’s Church in Buckingham. It was the windiest pancake race in living memory; for once the challenge was to keep pancakes in the pans for fear they would be blown away.

Town Crier, Russell Cross and the Mayor of Buckingham, Councillor Margaret Gateley, introduced the event after a two-year break from the event due to covid.  Councillor Robin Stuchbury carried out a trial run to remind the first racers – children aged 5 & under - what they would need to do.

An enormous amount of fun was had by all, with winners taking away chocolate eggs and trophies.

Chairman of the Town Centre & Events Committee, Cllr Robin Stuchbury, said “It was a tremendous day of many races. The ultimate achievement was finishing regardless of where the runners placed. The older you get, the further the finish line seems!

It was lovely to see so many young people turn out for this traditional event, thanks to everyone who took part, helped set up or pack away. I look forward to next year – with a little less wind, we’ll get those pancakes flipping again.


Age 5 & under:

  • 1st - Willow
  • 2nd – Wilf
  • 3rd – Samuel


  • 1st - Robert
  • 2nd – John
  • 3rd – Rosie

Adult category:

  • 1st - Hideki
  • 2nd – Ade
  • 3rd – Robin

Team category:

  • 1st – Hideki and Naoki
  • 2nd – Ade and Robin
Junior pancake racers with the Town Crier
young children race with frying pans
Age 5 & under winners on the podium
Age 6 - 11 winners receive their prizes
Adults running with frying pans

Pancake Race

The annual Pancake Race will be held on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 at 11am on the green outside St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church. There will be five races to enter in from small children to adults and even a local business and charities team relay race! All participants should wear a headscarf and apron and bring their own frying pan.

The categories are:

  • Children and teens:
    • 5 and under
    • 6 to 11
    • 12 to 16
  • Adult:
    • individuals
    • community & business teams

Please email our Events Co-ordinator, Amanda Brubaker if you would like to enter in one of the races.

Half Term fun at Buckingham Pancake Races

Buckingham Town Council is pleased to announce that the annual Pancake Races are back. They will be taking place on the green outside St Peter and St Paul Church on Tuesday.

This long-established event will be opened by The Town Crier and Town Mayor, Cllr Margaret Gateley at 11am. The races are open to everyone and consists of the following categories 5yrs & under, 6-11yrs, 12-16yrs, and adults. There will also be a team relay race. Prizes will be awarded by the Mayor to the winner of each class.
There is no entry fee. All you need to do is turn up on the day. You will need to bring your own frying pan and wear an apron and headscarf.

The Chair of the Town Centre & Events Committee, Cllr. Robin Stuchbury, said
“It’s wonderful that we can meet again this year for this community event. It brings people together for a truly fun activity where everyone is a winner.
If you’ve never taken part please turn up, bring a frying pan and enter.
Though it must be said events such as the pancake race are only possible through the commitment of officers and councillors who continue to seek to support our community through such community events.”

Pancake Race

Buckingham’s Annual Pancake Race is here to stay. Another year where everyone, of all ages, can join in on some healthy competition at this free entry event.

The age groups are: 5 & under, 6-11 yrs, 12-16 yrs, Adults open class and Business Team relay. If you want to take part in the team relay races make sure to fill in your Race form and send it in to our event coordinator Amanda.

Come along and defend your teams title and be the first person to win this years new pancake flipping competition award. Make sure to come equipped with the essentials: Frying pan, headscarf and an apron!