Christmas Light Switch On

Due to the Government restrictions around Covid 19 Buckingham Town Council was unable to hold its annual Christmas Light Switch On in the Town Centre.

The Christmas lights were installed in the town centre at the beginning of November by WGS Power & Lighting Ltd who we currently have a contract with for this. The Christmas tree was provided by Buckinghamshire Council free of charge and installed outside the Old Gaol the week before the light switch on and several residents have commented that the tree looks better than ever.

The light switch on still took place on Saturday 28th November at 7pm but without the usual crowd. Granta Network launched 2 drones to capture the moment the lights were switched on, one from behind the Sorting Office and one from Stratford Fields football ground. The ground crew were located in the town centre to take still footage. They also took images of Christmas lights from around the town.

Birds Eye View of Buckingham Town Centre Lit Up

Photograph by Tim from Granta Network

The virus was not going to stop Christmas coming to Buckingham, so the Town Council made a request to The Bard of Buckingham, Buckingham Town Mayor, Cllr Geraldine Collins and Santa himself to provide video messages which have been widely viewed, with over 12,000 people reached on Facebook alone by Wednesday.

A request went out to the residents of Buckingham asking them to take part in the light switch on by staying home and switching on their Christmas lights at 7pm the same time that the lights would go on in the town centre. This created an atmosphere of excitement and many people took part in this. Below are some of the comments received afterwards.

“Aw this is lovely- so heart-warming. Thanks to everyone who put it together and those who made such a massive effort. It’ll be great to try to find all these great houses”

“This is fantastic! To see our lights on our house in this is the perfect end to a rubbish year! Well done Buckingham Town Council and Thank you!”

“Such a lovely thing to do. Great idea. Thanks, our family and neighbours really enjoyed it!”

“Excellent filming! Love this”

“Well its a10 from me brilliant lovely voice” (that one’s for Dean!)


burleigh peice christmas lights

Cancellation of autumn and Christmas events

Buckingham Charter Fair

Buckingham Charter Fairs have been cancelled for 2020. Nichols Amusements have decided not to hold the Buckingham fair in 2020 in light of advice received from the Aylesbury Vale Safety Advisory Group and the Town Council. The Head Showman, Marshall Nichols will bring in one small stall on Saturday 17th and Saturday 24thOctober, when the fair would have been held. This will mean that the town is able to retain the royal charters for the two fairs.

The risks of being a focal point for transmission of Covid 19 are too high for the event to be safe, and it would be “very difficult if not impossible” for this event to go ahead while complying with the health protection regulations. The SAG has written to the Council to say that it the view of the SAG that it would be “very difficult if not impossible for (the fair) to go ahead while complying with the health protection regulations as set out.”

Councillor Robin Stuchbury, Chairman of the Town and Centre Committee said that, “the committee had some very important decisions to make about future events in the light of concerns about whether they could be held safely. We are grateful to Mr Marshall Nichols for the care he has demonstrated for the people of Buckingham. The decision not to bring in the fair this year demonstrates both his respect for the town of Buckingham and the well-being of the families who visit the charter fair each year.”

Bonfire & Fireworks Display

The Town Centre & Events committee met Thursday evening and made the decision that this year’s Bonfire & Firework Display should be cancelled for 2020.

The event which is held in Bourton Park and organised by Buckingham Town Council draws a large crowd each year and as with other events it would be impossible to comply with the health protection regulations.

Christmas Light Switch On

The annual Christmas Light Switch On which is organised by Buckingham Town Council is to be cancelled for 2020.

The area outside the Old Gaol where the event takes place and the number of people that participate as well as number of attendees, would be a focal point for transmission of Covid 19. It would be very difficult to comply with the health protection regulations as set out.

The Town Centre & Events Committee will be considering activities that residents can participate in safely from home in the next few weeks.

Remembrance Day Parade and Christmas Parade

Buckingham Town Council provides the road closures for the Remembrance Day Parade and the Christmas Parade.  The Town Council will also regrettably not be able to provide these for 2020.

The Royal British Legion organise the wreath laying and service at the war memorial and details regarding this will be announced by them at a future date.

The Christmas Parade Committee has already decided to cancel this year’s Christmas Parade due to Covid 19.


Please contact the Events Coordinator, Amanda Brubaker via email at

Town Council Celebrates Christmas Light Switch On.

Organised by Buckingham Town Council this year’s Christmas light switch on was attended by more people than ever on Saturday.  For the first time, a number of stalls set up for the day in the Cattle Pens, including a children’s ride.
The lights were switched on by the Town Mayor Cllr Jon Harvey. There were Christmas Tree
performances by the Buckingham Children’s Choir and Buckingham Stage Coach Performing Arts.  The Winslow Concert Band provided the music for the carols and there was a special appearance by Father Christmas as well as Pucky the MK LIghtning Ice Hockey Team mascot.
This year the Town Council entered a new 3 year contract for the festive motifs that are placed on the lighting columns in the town centre.  The new multi-coloured lights proved popular with residents.
There were some difficulties with sound, with those further away from the stage struggling to hear everything that was going on.  The Town Council’s Town Centre & Events Committee agreed on Monday evening (3rd December) to ensure that next year there will be additional speakers and a higher stage to ensure everyone is able to fully take part.