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LHSCCLace Hill Sports & Community Centre is a welcoming facility situated on the new Lace Hill estate, owned and operated by Buckingham Town Council. There are two main rooms, a Sports Hall and a Committee Room, that offer a range of activities from sports to exercise, childcare and private functions. Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre aims to provide a well maintained, accessible community resource for the benefit of Buckingham residents, contributing to community growth, development, and the economic wellbeing of the local area.

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For more information about temporary event licences please contact Aylesbury Vale District Council’s licensing department or see information here.

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Musical Theatre is coming soon! Classes starting November 1st 2017.

Brand new Mum & Baby Yoga every Monday.

Sports in Buckingham:
If you are a Sports Club/Activity Organisation I would like to hear from you! As part of a BTC initiative to help make Buckingham a healthy and active town we would like to feature your details on a register that will then be accessed via a link on the BTC website. If this is something you would like to be part of please email me, the Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre Coordinator at:



Buckinghamshire Lace is a very fine pillow lace, and the making of it provided an income for local women until the First World War, especially here in Buckingham. Lace making is part of the Town’s industrial heritage.

A typical Buckinghamshire Lace motif is the ‘cucumber’, a short fat oval with a line of holes (to represent seeds) inside; the Mayor’s jabot, a decorative collar, has a strip of cucumber pattern lace. Very complex patterns might need as many as a hundred bead-weighted bobbins and these were often carved and decorated.

Town Councillors chose a mixture of names for the streets on Lace Hill– some tools, like Pillow, Bobbin, Linen, Silk, and some stitches, like Mayflower, Butterfly, Constance and Rosemary.

As for the name for the estate: Lace Hill is just for ease of reference. This does not need to form part of the postal address. The Town Council is grateful for the expert help of Kay Bradley, Kay Meadows and Helene Hill in compiling the list of possible street names.


Lace Hill Tea & Tots

Buckingham’s new parent, baby and toddler group started on Monday 30th January 2017. All parents/carers with their children (0 to 3 years of age) are welcome!

Meet every Monday from 10am to 12 noon at the Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre. £2 per parent/carer and first child, 50p per additional child.

For more information about please contact the Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre Coordinator at: or on 01280 812 872.

Contact Us

For more information about the Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre or for bookings, please contact Sam Hoareau, Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre Coordinator
at: or on 01280 812 872 / 01280 816 426.

Address: Catchpin Street, Buckingham MK18 7RR

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A brief look at the history of the town and the Town Council – plus where to get further information about our local area and its heritage.button1
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Chantry Chapelimage3
The Old Gaol
Ridge and furrow heartland around Buckingham reveals a rich local history.

History of the Town

Originally the town nestled in the natural loop of the Great River Ouse, but developed past this boundary and is now the thriving town you see today.

The County town of Buckinghamshire from the 10th century, Buckingham prospered as a medieval market town, with charters from Mary Tudor in 1554, and Charles II in 1684, establishing market days and two annual fairs, which still take place today.

In the early 18th century Buckingham was in decline and following a disastrous fire, much of its centre had to be rebuilt. In spite of the coming of the canal and the railway, Buckingham was little altered until well into the 20th century. Today, it retains much of its traditional market town charm.

Buckingham has many interesting and historical buildings and features, though only two of the main buildings are open to visitors to look at internally – The Old Gaol and The Chantry Chapel.

You can download our Hidden Treasures of Buckingham leaflet or view our new online map for information on the special and historical places & features of Buckingham.

History of the Town Council

In the Domesday Survey Buckingham appears as county town at the head of the Buckinghamshire section. The Manor of Buckingham is recorded as being held by Walter Giffard, whose family continued to hold it until the reign of Henry VIII.

Around 1521, the term ‘manor’ in relation to Buckingham dropped out of use and instead the lordship of Buckingham was referred to as the ‘borough’. The borough was then incorporated by the charter of Mary I in 1554, under which the borough was to be governed by a bailiff and 12 principal burgesses.

Following The Municipal Corporations Act 1835, Buckingham became a municipal borough and the bailiff and burgesses were replaced by a Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors.

However in 1974, as part of local government reorganisations the borough was dismantled, as the two major authorities Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council had become established. The town was carved up and a lot of the assets previously owned by the Borough Council were sold, which included the Town Hall that dominates the town on the junction of Bridge Street and West Street, known as Cannon Corner.

Then in 1974, Buckingham Town Council was formed due to the need to deliver services to residents at a local level.

For more information:


Buckingham Conservation Areas


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Buckingham is located in the rural north of Buckinghamshire, UK. It can be typified by its Georgian buildings and its historical features, such as the Golden Swan and The Old Gaol, which stands in the centre of the Town. Previously the county town of Buckinghamshire, the town itself dates back to the seventh century and is said to have taken its name from the first settlers – Bucca’s people, who lived on the land in the river bend and were hemmed in by water. The town has a unique market heritage, with its twice weekly Street Market dating back to 1554 and a Royal Charter granted by Queen Mary. Now there is also a Saturday Flea Market as well as occasional Specialty Markets. There is plenty to see and do, with a variety of independent shops, restaurants and cafes, historical buildings, a museum and plenty of parks and green spaces.

There are also many varied events that take place in the town throughout the year, including the Charter Fair, Music in the Market, the Christmas Parade and the Fringe Week.


There are many old styles of housing in the streets off the town centre.