Fun Fact Friday: Roles and Responsibilities of Buckingham Town Council

Buckinghamshire is made up of two tiers of local government, each with differing areas of responsibilities. For Buckingham, these are Buckingham Town Council and Buckinghamshire Council.

The Town Council is the most local tier of government. We are responsible for numerous areas including maintaining certain parks and green spaces, running the Tourist Information Centre and Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre, allotments and cemeteries. We also organise a range of events over the year such as music festivals, comedy nights, bonfire and fireworks.

Buckinghamshire Council is responsible for other services within Buckingham including some green spaces, parking, housing, planning, street cleaning, education, highways, libraries, rights of way and health and social care.

Regardless of whose responsibility it is to resolve an issue. The Town Council can help by directing you to the relevant place or advising you on how to fix the problem, if you aren’t able to report an issue yourself we can help you to do this. You can contact us on 01280 816 426 or view our Council Staff page to direct your request to the right person.

Our Town Councillors are also very willing to support you, all Town Councillors are available to contact by email.

Sometimes it might be helpful to contact your Buckinghamshire Councillor, you can check which Buckinghamshire Council ward you live in via an interactive map on Buckinghamshire’s Council website.

New Blood for Buckingham Town Council

Cllr. Ryan Willett
Cllr. Ade Osibogun
Cllr. Anja Schaefer
Cllr. Warren Whyte
Cllr. Sue Hetherington

Five newly elected members join Buckingham Town Council, with one vacancy remaining after the local elections. Eleven other Councillors retained or were re-elected to their seats and will continue to serve in Buckingham.

Each Councillor will bring their own diverse ideas to the Council and is eager to begin representing the people of Buckingham.

25-year-old Ryan Willett joins the Council having previously served on Buckingham Youth Council as a teenager. Ryan told us “the Youth Council was a really refreshing experience and helped me believe passionately in the importance of energising young people into local politics and community action.” Ryan works with homeless people.

Ade Osibogun is also a local rising star, previous president of the University of Buckingham Student Union he now lives locally and is an experienced legal practitioner and mediator.

Anja Schaefer works as a senior lecturer for the Open University and has a keen interest in sustainability and small business.

Warren Whyte returns to the Town Council after a break of seven years, and is proud to continue championing Buckingham far and wide. 

Sue Hetherington has previously been a member of Gawcott Council and has a passion for the natural environment.

An additional vacancy for a Councillor is available in the South Ward which will be filled by co-option. Any interested parties are invited to visit the Town Council website for more information. The deadline to apply is Friday 28th May with the decision to be made at the Interim Council meeting on Monday 7th June.

Six previous Councillors retired or were not re-elected after the election. Terry Bloomfield, Paddy Collins, Paul Hirons, Ruth Newell, Mike Smith, Christine Strain-Clark were all long-standing Councillors serving the Council for 116 years between them. The Town Council is grateful for all of their hard work on behalf of the town.

For enquiries please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426,