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Buckingham’s Big Bulb Plant

Buckingham Town Council is delighted to announce the success of its recent Community Bulb Planting Events, which took place across November in various locations in the parish. These events brought together community members, schools, volunteers, and local organisations in a collaborative effort to enhance the beauty of our town and promote environmental sustainability.

Enthusiastic participants of all ages, armed with shovels and bulbs, helped plant 3300 woodland bulbs in woodland areas around Lace Hill, Railway Walk and Bourton Park. The events were led by Buckingham Town Council with the invaluable assistance of Lace Hill Academy, Railway Walk Conservation Group, Town Councillors and office staff, Buckingham residents and Tree Wardens.

On Friday 17th November, under the clear skies and with a shared sense of purpose, children from Lace Hill Academy worked diligently to plant a variety of daffodil bulbs outside the community centre and surrounding greenspaces. The vibrant colours and fragrant blooms are expected to create a stunning display that will not only beautify the area but also serve as a pollen pit stop for early emerging bees and butterflies.

“It is so important to look after our pollinators, especially in the springtime when flowers can be few and far between and this initiative enhances our green spaces, adding colour after winter”

On separate dates, volunteers helped plant swathes of spring flowering Snakeshead Fritillaries, Snowdrop, English Bluebells and Woodland Anemones. Demonstrating our community groups’ commitment to creating a lasting environmental legacy in Buckingham’s public greenspaces.

The Community Bulb Planting Event aligns with Buckingham Town Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan and its commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. Through initiatives like these, The Town Council continues to promote a sense of responsibility for our local biodiveristy while fostering a stronger sense of community.

In the coming months, residents can look forward to the blossoming of the planted bulbs, turning these locations into a vibrant and visually stunning display of nature’s beauty.

29 November 2023
Last Updated
29 November 2023