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Grants and awards for groups looking to Buckingham’s future

Mayor of Buckingham, Cllr. Margaret Gateley, met with representatives of groups awarded grants by Buckingham Town Council in 2022 to speak with them about their projects and distribute the cheques.

This was a second opportunity for grant holders to meet the Mayor for those unable to attend the Mayor’s Reception earlier in the year.

Local resident, Chris Mullis, also collected his Friend of Buckingham award for his efforts managing the Buckingham Support Network, which helped those isolating access food and medication during covid lockdowns.

Jon Barnett – Buckingham Youth Clubs
£5,200 has been granted to Buckingham Youth Clubs, to support the running of three youth clubs for secondary school age young people in Buckingham, all the youth clubs are supported by trained staff and give young people opportunities to try new things and explore opportunities.

Adrian Johnson – Buckingham Town Cricket Club
A contribution of £1,500 towards installing roof-mounted solar panels at the clubhouse.

Chris Northey – Buckingham Tennis Club
£1,500 annually towards replacing the 10 floodlights at the Tennis Club with environmentally friendly LED lamp alternatives.

As part of Buckingham Town Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan grant applicants are asked to consider the impact on the environment of their project and any steps they can take to mitigate them. This has led to a rise in the number of applications focused on environmental projects.

Councillor Margaret Gateley, Mayor of Buckingham said “It was a great pleasure to meet key members of different community groups, which have been awarded grants this year. It was really interesting to hear about their planned projects. I was also delighted to meet Chris Millis to give him his Frend of Buckingham award: he responded quickly to the need of our community for support during the pandemic, making a real difference to many people. We are fortunate to have so many individuals and community groups, working hard for the good of our town.”

27 July 2022
Last Updated
26 April 2023