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Free family adventures in Buckingham with an augmented reality story trail

As part of local plans to give families a summer of fun, from Thursday 21st July to Sunday 4th September 2022, Buckingham Town Council has teamed up with High Street Safari to run a free story trail in Buckingham. This innovative experience lets families choose what happens in the story and enables anyone with a smartphone to take part. Players will not only discover cool characters along the route but also see them burst to life in augmented reality and take selfies with them.

Buckingham Town Council backed the project to promote visits to the fantastic range of shops in Buckingham and give families a unique high street experience with a free, exciting event that gets kids out of the house. Councillor Robin Stuchbury, Chair of the Town Centre and Events Committee said “we hope that families will take full opportunity to engage in this activity. It forms part of the Town Councils’ objectives which is to organise activities for the community while continuing to support the businesses and achieve positive outcomes.”

The Mystery of the Secret Keys is located at ten stops around the Buckingham town centre to visit, starting at Cornwalls Place Kitchen in Cornwalls Meadow and positioned so that families can discover hidden parts of the town. Families will be guided on their trip by The Luminants, an interstellar team of superheroes, on an adventure as they find special keys that release ten gem-eating beasties in augmented reality.

The trail takes about forty-five minutes to complete, it is completely free for families and groups to take part in, and they win a free, digital fun pack at the end. There is no need to download an app or sign up, and the trail works on any smart device. To find out more about the trail, visit the website: www.highstreetsafari.com.

20 July 2022
Last Updated
26 April 2023