Coronavirus: if you need help

Coronavirus: what if I need help?

There is always help available in Buckingham.

To keep up to date with current and accurate information about Coronavirus Covid-19 itself, stick to trusted sources; visit the Government Coronavirus page and NHS coronavirus page which has information about the virus, symptoms, self-isolating, and travel. Sign Health offers daily updates on Coronavirus in British Sign Language.

Financial Problems?

Many people's lives have been impacted by Coronavirus and lockdown. If you are now having financial problems and need help and advice there are places you can turn for help.

Coronavirus: volunteer

Coronavirus: how can you help?

To keep up to date with current and accurate information about Coronavirus Covid-19 itself, stick to trusted sources; visit the Government Coronavirus page and the NHS coronavirus page which have information about the virus, symptoms, self-isolating, and travel. Sign Health offers daily updates on Coronavirus in British Sign Language.

Use the tabs below to find out more about volunteering opportunities.

Information Centre by Phone and Online

Buckingham Tourist Information Centre may have closed its doors for now, but we are still committed to helping anyone that needs it. We have set up a support line for Buckingham residents that don’t have access to the internet and need information on where to find help, essential travel information, local business closures and opening times.

We are currently compiling a list of information that we think people will need, but please let us know if you are doing something for the community or if you are a local business with a change to your circumstances. We don’t know everything, but we will try our best to help in any way we can. Contact us on 01280 823020 or email


Temporary closure of public toilets

Due to the ongoing coronavirus (covid-19) situation, the public toilets in Cornwalls Meadow car park and Chandos Park have been temporary closed.

Our green spaces team have been marking these facilities closed, as well as play areas and play areas run by partner organisation Aylesbury Vale District Council in order to reduce the number of staff needed to work on this task.

Temporary Closure of All Council Play Areas

Following Monday’s announcement by the Prime Minister, as of Tuesday morning, 24th March the Town Council has closed all of the play areas it manages, i.e. those in Bourton Park (junior and senior), Chandos Park, Badgers Estate (Otters Brook), Meadway (Ken Tagg) and Lace Hill. It has also closed the use of the outdoor sports and exercise equipment in Bourton Park.

There are 8 other play parks in Buckingham not managed by the Town Council and the same rules will apply to them.

The Town Council’s parks remain open for exercise, however everyone who is visiting parks and open spaces must maintain social distancing, keeping at least 2 metres from each other. This means please avoid narrow paths, as well as thinking carefully about activities you may do there. It is not appropriate to use parks as social spaces to meet others who are not living in your household.

This is particularly important to remember while exercising. If you are moving faster than another individual or household group and are not able to pass someone with a 2m distance between you, you must stop or move to an area where there is a suitable distance. All park users are responsible for ensuring that this distance is maintained.

We will continue to monitor the position and may need to take further steps to protect the well-being of our residents. We are in this together.

Full government guidance on staying at home and away from others

Easter Egg Hunt for Everyone!

If you’re in isolation you can still join in our Easter Egg Hunt! Simply print out and Image of our Happy Easter colouring activitydecorate as many eggs as you like, fancy colours and designs encouraged and display them in your windows or around your area for egg hunters to spot!

Print your Buckingham Egg PDF

The weather is lovely, If you can, get out and have some much needed fresh air and fun around Buckingham. See how many colourful eggs you can spot on your walk. We would love to see how many you find and which you thought were eggstra special!

Good luck and stay safe. We’re looking forward to seeing your designs!


Impact of Coronavirus Measures on Buckingham Town Council Services

Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance Team are continuing to work to maintain Bourton and Chandos Parks, green spaces and cemetery.  Grass cutting will soon start again, including on grass verges and vision splays.

Play area checks and repairs will continue.  Parents and guardians should take appropriate steps to ensure children’s safety and hygiene is projected when using equipment.

Members of the public are asked to remember that Town Council staff have been instructed to have minimal direct contact while they are at work, so all questions about Council services should be made by phone or email wherever possible.

UPDATE AS OF 24th March – ALL play areas and outdoor gym equipment across Buckingham is now closed. 

25th March – Public toilets are closed


The Town’s markets remain very much open, and are proving more popular than ever.  The market provides people with a low risk outdoor place to shop for essential supplies.  All stall holders have been asked to make sure they have some means of hand washing at their stall which they should use regularly.  This is a great way to support local businesses at this time.


The Shopmobility Service is now closed temporarily, due to a reduced demand and to protect staff.

Tourist Information Centre

The Tourist Information Centre has been closed temporarily, following the closure of the Old Gaol.  However, staff are still available to answer queries by telephone and email during the Centre’s usual working hours:

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday, 10.00am to 4.00pm

Contact Us

Phone: 01280 823 020



Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre

The centre remains open for hire but not for general public access by drop in.  Hirers are being asked to keep their activities under review, and to ensure all users follow the government’s hygiene advice.  Many activities have now been put on hold, so do check before visiting the Centre.


  • The Funeral Fair, Death Café and Civic Service have been cancelled owing to the low numbers forecast to attend, and requests from stallholders and attendees not to go ahead.
  • The Annual Town Meeting has been postponed.
  • The Easter event planned for 5th April at the Lace Hill Community Centre has been cancelled.
  • Music in the Market will also not go ahead.
  • The planned VE Day celebration will now be held as a combined event to mark VJ Day on 15th August.  More details will follow.

Decisions about events planned for later in the year will be made at a later date.

Town Council Office

The Town Council office is now closed to visitors.  However staff are still working and phone calls and emails will be responded to in the usual way:  01280 826426.

Buckingham Town Council Agree Detailed Climate Emergency Action Plan

Buckingham Town Council declared a Climate Emergency in July last year (2019).  Since then the Council has been busy investigating actions the Town Council can take, as well as looking for ways to work with partners to make a difference.

The Council has set the following objectives:

  1. Energy – to reduce energy demand, improve energy efficiency and convert to renewable, low or zero carbon technologies for energy and heat.
  2. Transport – to promote walking, cycling and public transport. Accelerating the move to Council owned electric vehicles.
  3. Food & Land – to promote sustainable land management, including tree planting to help absorb carbon & water.
  4. Economy, Housing & Waste – to support the local economy to ensure existing and new homes are climate resilient whilst reducing, re using and recycling materials and ongoing resources e.g. water
  5. Community Engagement – to engage local people in accelerating their own responses and building resilience to ongoing climate impacts.

The Council has already:

  • Replaced one vehicle with an electric van. This has proved a big success; with vehicles only moving within the town, this has reduced the use of diesel considerably, and also means we have a quiet vehicle to use in the cemetery when needed.
  • Updating the Town Council’s lights in Chandos Park with LED lights, reducing the power used
  • Plans are in place to install solar panels on the Buckingham Community Centre and Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre
  • Ensuring Town Council events are free of single-use plastics
  • A water bottle refill station will be installed in Chandos Park in April, thanks to funds given by Buckinghamshire County Council’s Local Area Forum to the Town Council

Each of the Council’s four committees has reviewed the Climate Emergency Action Plan and added actions within their remits.   44 Actions have now been agreed and are published on the Town Council’s website 

The Actions will include:

  • Hosting one public meeting a year to promote ideas and opportunities for the town
  • Offset carbon emissions by planting more trees (whenever possible)
  • Buy local, fair-trade, recycled, plastic free, repairable and sustainable products wherever possible/available.
  • Review of grass verges and hedges to identify areas to be trimmed less and later in the year to support more wildflowers and insects
  • Asking grant applicants to consider the impact on the environment of their project and any steps they can take to mitigate them.

Councilor Ruth Newell, Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, said:

“I’m really pleased that Buckingham Town Council is taking the lead in recognising that we need to take actions locally to address climate change.  We look forward to working with local groups, as well as reviewing our own operations to take immediate action, and also to plan for longer term changes, such as the vehicles we use.  There are so many no-cost and low-cost options available that when combined with the funding available to community and other organisations we can start to play an increased role in combating climate change.”

An image of three sections. The wildflower meadow in Bourton Park, the Buckingham Town Council's Green Buckingham logo and the Council's new electric van.

Editors Notes:


  1. For enquiries please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426,


New Town Councillor to be Co-opted

image of polling station signOn Friday morning Downing Street announced that said it would be impractical to hold local and mayoral election in May, as they would come during the peak of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Polls were due to take place in Buckingham on the 7th May 2020 for positions at Buckingham Town Council, the new Buckinghamshire Unitary Authority and The Police Crime Commissioner.

There is currently one vacancy on Buckingham Town Council following the death of Councillor Derrick Isham earlier this year. This will now be filled by the Council co-opting a new member, because a by-election is not allowed at present. As with an election, anyone from the town will be able to put themselves forward. Details of the process to take part in this will be released as more information is available.

Coronavirus: Help in Buckingham

For up to date guidance about Coronavirus visit the government website.

January 2022 update:

  • Get vaccinated and get your booster dose
  • Wear a face covering in most indoor public places and on public transport
  • Work from home, if you can
  • Let fresh air in if you meet indoors. Meeting outdoors is safer
  • Get tested and self-isolate if required

The government has a more detailed guide about what the changes mean for local people on their website.

Buckingham is a great community: many groups have come together to try and work out how they can help residents in need of support. Below we have compiled local information guides, both for those who are in need of help and for those who are interested in volunteering.

how can you help banner

Visit our Coronavirus: volunteer page to find out more about opportunities to support our community, locally and nationally.

what if i need help banner

For a summary of help available, from local offers to national schemes, please visit our Coronavirus: if you need help page.

Shops and services in Buckingham

Please continue to support our local shops, restaurants and businesses many of whom have had a very difficult two years. Don't forget to wear a mask if you can, respect social distancing and wash your hands.

The Town Council Office is closed to visitors but most staff are working from home. The Tourist Information Centre, Lace Hill Centre and Shopmobility are open but currently running differently.

For more information about services run by Buckinghamshire Council, including buses, please check the Buckinghamshire Council page.

Parks and public spaces

Play areas, multi-use games area (MUGAs) and outdoor gym equipment are all now open!

Our green spaces staff are out and about working as normal. To keep them safe and well, please do not approach them. If you have a query, please contact the town council office and keep your distance from the green spaces team while they are working.