Coronavirus: if you need help

Coronavirus: what if I need help?

There is always help available in Buckingham.

Information about Coronavirus is being updated rapidly. To keep up to date with current and accurate information stick to trusted sources; visit the NHS coronavirus page which has information about the virus, symptoms, self-isolating, and travel.

Food and essentials

If you are in isolation or advised to stay at home you may be worried about how to get food and other essentials going forward. As a first option, always choose to ask someone you know personally and trust (or a business you trust) for help with food deliveries or prescriptions.

If you are able to afford food, but having difficulty getting a delivery slot, you can ask the Buckingham Support Network if a volunteer may be able to deliver essentials to your house.

As many local businesses are now planning to open their doors, the town council is no longer keeping a list of specific shops and restaurants that deliver. If you aren't sure, please contact your favourite shop to ask, alternatively Cllr. Warren Whyte is keeping a list on Facebook.

Wearing a face mask is an essential thing to do when you are in enclosed public places where it's more difficult to follow social distancing rules. These places include shops, public transport, restaurants and even when walking down your local high street.

The use of face coverings in public places may reduce the spread of infection when worn by people who might not realise they’re infected. This is why we are encouraging people who live, work or visit Buckingham to wear them if they can.

Downloadable self-isolating poster and high risk household poster for deliveries are available.

Medical Help

If you think you may have Coronavirus and need medical help, please use the NHS 111 symptom checker service for help. 

If you have questions for The Swan Practice about prescriptions or appointments, please check their website which is being kept up to date with the latest news.

Pharmacies may by operating with different opening hours in order to keep up with the demand for prescriptions. They may have longer lunch breaks or open later and close earlier. This helps them ensure everyone gets their medication.

Some people are considered at very high risk of severe illness if they catch Coronavirus (Covid-19) These people should have received a letter from the government highlighting them as vulnerable, and giving them advice on actions to take over the coming months. If you are not sure if this includes you or someone you care for, there is more information on the government website.

A small group of these people have been identified as extremely vulnerable. The advice for this group is different. Extremely vulnerable people were advised to 'shield' which includes staying home for at least 12 weeks from the time they receive their letter. Many companies have therefore said that they will prioritise those classified as extremely vulnerable for access to deliveries, including Sainsbury's.

If you have not received a letter, but think you should have, you can still register with the government as an extremely vulnerable person on their website or by calling the helpline on 0800 0288327. This is particularly important if you think you may need help getting deliveries of food or essentials, and will help you access food deliveries.

There are a number of other groups offering additional help and advice to those shielding:

  • Buckingham Hub runs from Buckingham Library and can offer support coordinated by Buckinghamshire Council including emergency food parcels.
  • Prevention Matters offer help and advice
  • If you are concerned about an extremely vulnerable person who might need help, call Buckinghamshire Council on their a 24 hour phone number – 01296 383 204 – this number is specifically for calls relating to coronavirus only.
  • Buckinghamshire Adult Social Care team are also reaching out to vulnerable people they are aware of. If you know of someone who might need their help, call the Adult Social Care team on 01296 383 402.
  • Downloadable high risk household poster

A new mental health helpline has been launched for those living in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. The helpline runs in a similar way to 111. People can call when they need to find out when and where to get help and to access support from mental health professionals.

Adults: 01865 904 997

Children and young people: 01865 904 998

When someone is seriously ill or injured, or in an acute confused state, call 999.


If you are an elderly or vulnerable bus pass user, Buckinghamshire Council has asked all bus companies to accept bus passes at any time of day so that you can access early opening hours for shops. For updates on bus timetables you can check the Buckingham Council buses page.

Remember, all bus and public transport users now need to wear a face mask.

Parking charges at Buckinghamshire Council carparks including Cornwalls Meadow in Buckingham are currently being waived, meaning that you can park for free while you shop or visit Buckingham.

Face Masks

Wearing a face mask is an essential thing to do when you are in enclosed public places where it's more difficult to follow social distancing rules. These places include shops, public transport, restaurants and even when walking down your local high street.

The use of face coverings in public places may reduce the spread of infection when worn by people who might not realise they’re infected. This is why we are encouraging people who live, work or visit Buckingham to wear them if they can.


There are lots of places where you can purchase face masks from like local shops and organisations or online retailers.

Want to purchase a mask? Visit our Tourist Information Centre and buy yours today! They come in sizes; Small, Medium and Large for £6. They are locally sourced and supplied by Pin Clothing.

Financial Problems?

Many people's lives have changed hugely over the last few weeks. If you are now having financial problems and need help and advice there are places you can turn for help.

The long running Buckingham Food Bank are able to provide food to those in financial need through referral systems.

The Buckingham Foodbank is available for anyone in North Buckinghamshire struggling with food poverty. Please visit their website for information about how to apply for a food bank.

As well as being able to refer families and individuals to Buckingham foodbank, Citizens' Advice can also help with any questions or difficulties you may have regarding:

  • Managing money
  • Debt
  • Benefits
  • Housing
  • Employment

If you are concerned about paying your bills, as a first step we recommend contacting your usual providers and asking what support they may be offering at this time.

If you think you might be eligible, we recommend you apply for Universal Credit as soon as possible. We are hearing reports that phone lines are very busy and calling outside of peak times may help. Telephone: 0800 328 5644

Get everything you will need to apply ready for your application before you try and claim.

The government advice pages can tell you more about Universal Credit.

Coronavirus Scams warning

Stay safe everyone, if you are concerned that you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud please contact: Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 and contact your bank.

For advice call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 11 33


Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

There are grants available from the government for self-employed people. Please check the government website for more information and how to apply.


Buckinghamshire Business First, Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Buckinghamshire Council have been working on local programs to help support struggling local businesses.

Grants are available from the following local organisations:

Bucks Business First.

COVID-19 Business Resilience Fund page.

Buckinghamshire Council Business Support Hub.

Buckinghamshire Council offers a Local Emergency Fund, this can help residents of Buckinghamshire in need with access to food banks, food vouchers and meter top ups.

You can also contact the Council by calling 01296 395000 to ask about government food boxes which are being delivered to those considered Extremely Vulnerable.

Coronavirus: help with social activity during self-isolation

Going into self-isolation can feel intimidating. We've talked about the practical side above, but staying mainly or totally at home for two weeks or twelve can still be part of a community effort. Mind has advice about looking after your mental health while in social isolation, and on social media we have seen lots of ideas for ways to keep entertained.

The Town Council may have had to postpone or cancel local events, but there are lots of wonderful group events continuing across social media platforms, from virtual Choirs to exercise classes and art projects. Share your efforts and make new connections with others trying the same things.

We love Isolation Examination! Buckingham's own weekly quiz. Follow them on Facebook to join in every Wednesday at 8pm.

Two facebook groups are also advertising online events:

Video calling is a great way to get in touch with people, with several different platforms offering video calls for free - if you haven't tried them before it's a great time now.

Tourist Information Centre/Shopmobilty

The Tourist Information Centre has now opened again, however the phone lines are still open to enquiries. Please pass this phone number: 01280 823 020 to anyone without access to the internet for help with inquiries about Buckingham, from public transport to what shops are open and more, the Tourist Information Centre team will try and find you answer.

Shopmobility it still closed, however enquiries are welcome via the phone number above.

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