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Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan

Are you interested in finding out more about the plans local landowners and developers have for the future development of Buckingham? The Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan is a legally enforceable planning document, focused just on Buckingham, which allows towns to grow in a planned way, in the locations (and to a local design code) agreed on by residents. The first plan was made in 2015, and it now needs to be renewed.

What is the Developers Roadshow?

The Developers Roadshow was an opportunity for landowners and their representatives to showcase their ideas for future development in Buckingham directly to residents and attendees. They brought along information about the kind of developments they have planned, what they might look like, and how they might contribute towards the development of the town as a whole. Attendees were free to ask the developers questions directly as well as leave feedback on their preferences for the Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group to consider.

What is a Future Scenarios Consultation?

The future scenarios consultation has now closed, but you can find out more about what the consultation involved below.

Future scenarios are not a suggested Neighbourhood Plan or policy, but starting points for discussion about Buckingham’s possible future, based on months of research about Buckingham and how it might develop over the next twenty years. The consultation event was an open opportunity to have your say about three different scenarios.

Where can I see the current Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The current Plan and related documents are available below, a hard copy is available at Buckingham Library (Verney Close, Buckingham MK18 1JP)

In April 2018 the Council employed a Town Plan Officer to review and refresh the Plan. A new Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan Development Working Group has been set up and work is in progress to update the plan. If you would like to get involved, please contact the Town Council Office.

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30 May 2022
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8 February 2024