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Green Spaces team clear up after Storm Eunice fells trees

While some significant storm damage took place with the arrival of Storm Eunice, the Buckingham Town Council green spaces team were on hand over the weekend to monitor Town Council buildings, parks and trees, closing areas of land where necessary and working to clear debris and fallen trees as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to residents and visitors in Buckingham.

Although the exceptional wind speed during Storm Eunice meant it was unlikely that there would be no damage at all, the team was pleased that due to a careful tree monitoring program and good fortune only a very limited number of Town Council maintained trees sustained damage.

The Bourton Park car park, and a small section of Brackley Road Cemetery, remained closed early into the week after the storm to ensure public safety while tree works took place. Some repairs, including to a wall in the cemetery are still ongoing.

A number of other trees, not on Town Council land, have fallen into the river, historically, and in the recent storm. The Town Council strongly requests that landowners remove these obstructions to the watercourse as quickly as possible and are happy to facilitate access to their own land to help do so where necessary. All trees obstructing, or at risk of obstructing the river have been reported to the Environment Agency.

Chair of the Environment Committee, Cllr. Warren Whyte, said: “we encourage all Riparian Owners (waterside landowners) to undertake a cleanup of any river blockages as soon as possible now that the river level is back to normal.”

3 March 2022
Last Updated
22 July 2022
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