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Community Gardening – Saving Snowdrops

Following the launch of our Community Gardening guidance we were approached by individuals wishing to rehome plant and bulbs into Buckingham’s parks and greenspaces for our residents to enjoy. One local family has transplanted hundreds of snowdrop bulbs, due to be destroyed by HS2 bulldozers, and planted them around Buckingham’s Holocaust Memorial Stone and within the woodland areas of Bourton Park. Maybe you have some potted daffodil or hyacinth bulbs languishing on the windowsill and you’d like to ‘release them into the wild’ of Buckingham’s parks?
Young girl planting at holocaust memorial stone
Contact us at estates@buckingham-tc.gov.uk for more information on our wonderful volunteers that successfully tend small areas of planting across the town providing small gardens and greenspaces for residents to enjoy. There may be other residents in Buckingham who would be willing and able to create small community gardens or veg plots and we have created some guidance on how this can be achieved.
Cllr. Whyte, Chair of Environment Committee said: “This new community gardening initiate is an excellent way to help turn some of our forgotten corners of public land into buzzing community gardens. If you’re a keen gardener, and know a specific bit of land that could be enhanced, do get in touch with the town council.”
Young boy and Grandmother planting bulbs around memorial stone

Download Buckingham Town Council’s Community Gardening Guidance Document


9 March 2022
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9 March 2022
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