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Climate Conversations in Buckingham

On the 24th March 2022 people from the community of Buckingham attended the Annual Town Meeting which this year focussed on the climate emergency. People gathered together to express their views of Climate Change and to share ideas and suggestions on how to respond to climate change as a whole community. The public meeting brought together representatives from local environmental organisations and over 65 participants, including Buckingham’s MP Greg Smith and Town and Buckinghamshire Councillors.

Attendees had the opportunity to visit information stands from the Electric Vehicle Centre, Planet Refill, Buckinghamshire Recycles, The Buckingham & Villages Community Board and Canal Society. There was also a small exhibition of artwork from Buckingham School pupils, made from recycled materials that is now on public display in the Tourist Information Centre.
The Mayor of Buckingham, Councillor Margaret Gateley, opened the meeting, giving a brief on how Buckingham Town Council has declared a Climate Emergency and developed its own Action Plan to drive the organisation toward carbon neutrality by 2030. The meeting had six tables, each with different discussion topic, with people moving around each table.
Participants were asked to share their ideas and consider the creation of a Community Climate Action Group to investigate ways of building a strong and resilient community to tackle the threat of the climate crisis in Buckingham. A full feedback report will be prepared and published within the next few weeks.
The new  Buckingham Community Climate Action Group needs more members.  Everyone is welcome.  You can register your interest and share your views at: https://forms.office.com/r/HrYdp4xvPV

    29 March 2022
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    26 April 2023