Buckingham Welcomes Refugees

As families across Buckinghamshire prepare to welcome refugees from Ukraine into their homes through family links or the Homes for Ukraine scheme, community groups, volunteers, hosts and the local councils have come together to offer structured support to incoming Ukrainians and their host families.

Information for host families and refugees

ANY PERSON HOSTING REFUGEES: make sure you have emailed Ukrainesupport@buckinghamshire.gov.uk and told Buckinghamshire Council that you will be hosting. They are told about hosts through the Homes for Ukraine scheme but aren’t automatically notified of family matches, if you let them know they will offer you support. This is also the email address for any queries about being a host or requesting support for the family you are hosting.

Some basic information about moving to Buckingham can be found through our New to Buckingham? page.

Information for individuals and groups offering support

ANY ORGANISATION PLANNING TO RUN A GROUP: asked to register with Buckinghamshire Council so that they can direct refugees in the area to your group.

ANY PERSON WANTING TO VOLUNTEER SUPPORT OR HOST REFUGEES: Please make sure you have completed your details on the Town Council contact form we’ll use this to create mailing lists and ensure all potential volunteers/host families are kept up to date on new opportunities to volunteer or places to find support.