Anti-social behaviour in Buckingham Parks

With the summer finally here we are all getting outside more and enjoying the outdoors with the towns parks being used more than ever especially over the last few months. Our Greenspaces team have been working hard to keep them clean and well maintained. However, we have noticed a marked increase in problems. The main issues have been graffiti and broken glass being left in the parks and particularly in the play areas.  This is not only unsightly for other park users it can also be dangerous – in one case shards of glass were left on a children’s slide. On another occasion, a disposable barbecue was lit on a park picnic bench, burning a hole through it.

Picture of a burnt bench in BuckinghamThe Town Council has increased the number of times the bins are emptied and parks are litter picked, and introduced a parks check on Sundays, but we can’t be present all the time.

Buckingham Town Council would like to ask if anyone sees anyone acting in a clearly anti-social way in the parks to please report it immediately to the police by calling 101. We are hoping for many more sunny days where everyone can enjoy Buckingham’s unique parks, play areas and riverside walks. To help us, please help Thames Valley Police by immediately reporting any anti-social behaviour by calling 101. Take your litter home, be considerate of others, and don’t forget to refill your water bottles at the new water bottle refill station in Chandos Park.

Our Green Spaces Team are busy cutting grass and keeping our parks and green spaces looking their best – please keep a distance of 2 metres from them. If you have any queries, contact the Town Council office who will be happy to help.


Buckingham Wears Face Masks

Cllr Stuchbury wearing a locally made facemaskFollowing the introduction of the requirement to wear facemasks in shops Buckingham Town Council have arranged for the Buckingham Tourist Information Centre to support local businesses by selling locally made face coverings from a variety of different makers. Pin Clothing have a variety of different fabrics in small medium and large for £6. LW Creations are selling a variety of masks for £3.50.   The Town are not seeking to compete with local businesses, but to promote local traders.

Town Council staff will be wearing visors when dealing with members of the public.  However everyone is encouraged to keep maintain a distance of 2m at all times.  Visors are being used because they enable residents to see facial expressions, and lip readers to understand what is being said.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury, Chair of the Town Centre and Events Committee, said, “I am pleased that the Tourist Information Centre is supporting residents in this way by enabling access to locally made masks in the town centre. “


Family Hunt Event

The Family Hunt event is part of play around the parishes and has been organised by Buckinghamshire Council and is supported by Buckingham Town Council. The Family Hunt will run from Monday 24th August to Monday 7th September and the theme is Animals. This is a Free Event.

The Family Hunt will take place in Bourton Park and there will be many clues for families to find. You will need to look around the park to find the summer related picture. Each character has a letter, write the letter down by their picture below to find out what the message is. Download the message finder sheet so you can work out the answers to the secret message.


Summer Message Finder – A4 answer sheet (1) (3



Green Buckingham – Buckingham’s new water bottle refill station

Buckingham got a bit greener this week with the opening of a new drinking water fountain for refilling bottles in The Mayor is stood in Chandos Park, filling her water bottle from the new fountain. She is flanked (at a distance) by two other Councillors. Chandos Park. The new equipment is an initiative by the Town Council to both help reduce the plastic waste produced by the town and provide a new service for its residents. The Town Council received £2,995 from Buckinghamshire County Council’s Local Area Forum towards the cost of the purchase and installation.
Visitors to the park can now fill up their drinks bottles after working up a sweat – or when simply enjoying a stroll on a hot day – with fresh, healthy water, rather than having to leave the park to purchase new drinks, saving themselves money and reducing the environmental impact of single use plastics. The fountain, located opposite the tennis courts, is the first water refill station to be installed in Buckingham – but hopefully not the last!
The new green water fountain is set upon a concrete base and in foreground are the Buckingham tennis courts. It was officially opened to the public on Thursday 16th July by Town Mayor, Cllr. Geraldine Collins and Buckinghamshire Councillor Warren Whyte, who chaired the Local Area Forum when the funding was awarded.
Cllr. Ruth Newell, Chair of the Environment Committee said: “It is great to finally have the water bottle filling station installed after originally deciding we wanted one a couple of years ago and we are grateful to the local area forum for their generous grant to fund it. It will be excellent to be able to use tap water and to reduce on the plastic waste from single use water bottles, so I welcome the positive impact on our environment and with our climate emergency action plan’.

The bottle filling station looks smart and appealing, but is also extremely easy to use. Being Water Regulations Advisory Scheme approved, it meets all water authority and Government guidelines in terms of safety and hygiene. The unit is strong; the E-coat immersion covered heavy-gauge steel body makes the unit both weather-proof and vandal resistant, ensuring that the water dispenser remains active for years to come.

Buckingham Town Council’s New Councillor

Buckingham Town Council has a new Councillor in the Council’s first online vote to fill a Councillor’s seat on Monday 13th July. The vacancy arose following the sad death of Derrick Isham earlier this year. It was not permitted to hold a full election due to Covid 19 restrictions on public ballots. The meeting was watched by residents live over the Council’s YouTube channel.

Councillor Ahmed said:

“I am delighted to have been voted in for the role of Buckingham Town Councillor and want to thank all the Councillors who voted for me. This year it has been 30 years since I moved to Buckingham. I was one of the last boarders at the Royal Latin School. My parents were so taken by Buckingham that they decided to move here themselves.  I moved back permanently to raise my own family 12 years ago. And I’m very happy to have both my sons also attending the Royal Latin School. 

I’d never have thought of applying for the role of Councillor, until one of my sons told me about the vacancy after the tragic death of Derek Isham. I remember my predecessor Derek Isham well, not only for being a great Councillor and Mayor but he was also our plumber when I was a child.  Buckingham has always been a great place to live and raise a family in. Its history, culture, many small shops, cafes and restaurants teamed with the excellent schools, sporting clubs and great outdoor places make it easy to understand why it has grown considerably as a town over the years and attracted so many new people. 

I applied for the role of Councillor so I could help make our town a better place for its residents and balance its history and culture with the modern world. I also want to hear more about the issues that local people face and bring some diversity to the Council. I am particularly interested in hearing about issues faced by younger and minority residents of Buckingham. I am keen to look into the impact of climate change and how we as community can do our part to save our planet. And during these difficult times, I think it is vitally important to help our local businesses and industry. My areas of interest are not just limited to the aforementioned, but also many other issues which affect our residents. I am very grateful for this opportunity and will do my best for the people of Buckingham.”

Successfully co-opted candidates become Councillors in their own right, with immediate effect, and are no different to any other member, except that they are not eligible to receive an annual allowance, having not been elected by public ballot.

The list of candidates and their statements can be seen in the agenda pack for the meeting, which has been published on the Town Council’s website:  The meeting can still be viewed on the Town Council’s YouTube channel: .

Discover Buckingham – Buckingham’s new tourism website

Buckingham Town Council is delighted to announce the launch of Buckingham’s new website for visitors and tourists, Buckingham Tourist Information Centre reopened on the 4th July

Buckingham Town Council are committed to helping Buckingham based businesses through this difficult time and to ensure Buckingham is fully open for business.  The new website will encourage people to come to the town to shop, dine, stay and visit the numerous attractions in and around Buckingham.

The TIC is proud to continue its tradition of being the first point of call for Tourism and promoting the Buckingham economy and attractions in the surrounding areas.  This year Buckingham will have had a Tourist Information Centre in the town for 25 years. A knowledgeable team are on hand to discuss everything that you need to do locally and have a wide range of tickets for sale for major events in the area.  The TIC was taken on by the Town Council in 2018 when it became clear that the Town Council could provide it more cheaply and with better local connections than had been possible for Tourism South East.  Since then the number of visitors and the range of tickets sold have increased.  This summer, the TIC will be on Sundays for the first time, in response to the number of visitors to the town seeking advice and information over the weekend.

The new Discover Buckingham website has business listings for local shops, accommodation, restaurants, pubs and attractions as well as event listings, blogs and news from around Buckingham.

If you have an event, attraction, shop, restaurant or hotel that you would like to add to this website please email at or phone 01280 823020 and we will be happy to help.

The Old Gaol Museum remains closed at this time.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury, chair of the Town Centre and Events Committee, said:

 I’m very pleased That Buckingham Town Council officers are working in conjunction with members of the Economic Development Working Group who are continuing to promote Buckingham through the Tourist Information Centre. The provision on this new website, which was created in-house, is another part of the Council’s positive journey to develop the promotion of Buckingham’s appeal for tourists and businesses both within Buckinghamshire and nationally.” 

New Councillor to be chosen in live streamed meeting

To watch the Co-option live, join our YouTube Channel at 7pm on Monday 21st July. 

Buckingham Town Council will choose a new Councillor in the Council’s first online vote to fill a Councillor’s seat on Monday night. The vacancy arose following the sad death of Derrick Isham earlier this year.  It is not permitted to hold a full election due to Covid-19 restrictions on public ballots. The Town Council are therefore going to co-opt a new Councillor during their online meeting to be held on Monday 13th July from 7pm.

An unprecedented 7 local people have applied for the role.  Each candidate has provided a written statement, and will be able to speak for up to two minutes, after which Councillors will question the candidates.

How the voting works:

  • The Mayor will place the names of candidates in alphabetical order and proceed to vote.
  • A successful candidate must have received an absolute majority vote by those Councillors present.
  • If after the first vote no candidate has a majority of votes, the candidate(s) with the least votes will be withdrawn, and a second vote taken of the remaining candidates. This may be repeated several times until one candidate receives a majority of votes.
  • The Chair (Town Mayor) has the casting vote.


Successfully co-opted candidates become Councillors in their own right, with immediate effect, and are no different to any other member, except that they are not eligible to receive an annual allowance, having not been elected by public ballot. The co-opted member will be asked to sign a Declaration of Acceptance of Office either before or at the next meeting, to agree to be bound by the Council’s adopted Code of Conduct. They may then be appointed to a committee and as a representative to local organisations. A full election for all 17 Town Council seats will take place in May 2021.

Buckingham Online Fringe Sneek Peek

Fringe Week 11th – 19th July

As we are unable to hold our usual Fringe Week, it was decided that we would do an online version of the event.  You will be able to take part in stargazing from your back garden, online Quiz Night, children’s colouring competition and more.


1st – 20th July  Children’s Colouring Competition.

Organised by Gilroy Steel Solicitors.  Open to all children under the age of 10 yrs.  Download your colouring sheet from https://www.gilroysteel.comBFW2020.  First prize £20.


11th – 19th July Stargazing From Your Back Garden

What does the July sky have to offer this month?  Buckingham Town Council together with UK Astronomy encourage you to look up at the sky and see what you can see with the naked eye, binoculars or telescope.  Follow the Town Council Facebook page for a guide on what can be seen.  On Saturday 11th July, you will be able to watch a presentation and chat via Zoom at 7pm with Ross Hockman from UK Astronomy. This will be streamed live on The Buckingham Town Council’s YouTube channel. If you would like to attend, please contact the Events Co-ordinator via email on for the meeting’s details. Interested in Astronomy? Then check out the UK Astronomy’s Facebook page



Wednesday 15th July Isolation Examination Fringe week Special Quiz Night 8pm

Hosted by Mikey Dyson.  Log on to https://www.facebook.comisolationexamination/ at 8pm to join in.


11th -19th July Children’s Mural Design Challenge

Open to all children, help to create a mural with your artwork. Draw a picture of a bug, bird, butterfly, insect or creature that you might see on a wildlife walk in or around Buckingham or draw yourself going for a walk. Your drawing should be on A4 paper and cover the whole sheet. Outline your drawing in a dark colour, preferably using a dark pencil or marker pen so that it stands out.

The drawings should be e-mailed to by noon on Monday 20th July.  50 designs will be chosen and The Children’s Workshop will put them together as a permanent mural which will be displayed in Buckingham.

Saturday 18th July Buckingham Fringe Rock Hunt

Painted rocks will be hidden around town for anyone to find. There are prizes to be won, one rock per family. Find a rock? You lucky thing! Keep hold of it, take a photo and send it to use via our social media pages or email our Events Co-ordinator on Tag us using #BuckinghamFringeRocks from 12pm onwards.


Oxford Fiddle Group

Fringe Week regulars the Oxford Fiddle Group will be doing an online concert.

The ever popular Oxford Fiddle Group are returning to Buckingham again for the Buckingham’s Online  Fringe Week. They perform songs and tunes mainly from England and Scotland, but also from Ireland and the USA. Some players also play other instruments besides the fiddle, so a typical line up for one of their performances could include a celtic harp, double bass, guitar, mandolin and concertina.

This weekend watch an online performance by them via the Buckingham Town Council You Tube channel

Lace Hill, Tourist Information Centre and Chandos Park Toilets to reopen 4th July

Lace Hill Sports and Community Centre

The Lace Hill Community Centre has been closed since the beginning of the lockdown. The Centre will now open for hirers who can meet the current guidelines. Unfortunately, we are not yet allowed to open centre for sporting activities, or to open the changing rooms. A range of safety measures have been put in place, including ensuring hirers can maintain social distancing, and an additional cleaning regime. It is hoped that most hirers will return by September.

Tourist Information Centre

The Tourist Information Centre, in the front of the Old Gaol, will also reopen from Saturday 4th July. The Centre will now be open 7 days a week; it was agreed earlier in the year to trial summer opening on Sundays to improve the service to weekend visitors to the town. Measures have been put in place to prevent and reduce any risks. Queries can also be made via phone during opening hours: 10am-4pm on 01280 823020.

Buckingham Shopmobility is still closed until further notice.

Chandos Park Toilets

After the reopening of most other public toilets in Buckingham on Thursday 18th June, we’re pleased to announce that the toilets in Chandos Park will also be fully reopened from Saturday 4th July.

Additional measures have been put in place to ensure they are as safe as possible for use. An additional daily clean has been introduced and high visibility signage will be prominent, advising users to thoroughly wash their hands and to maintain social distancing in accordance with the government guidelines.