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Buckingham Online Fringe Sneek Peek

Fringe Week 11th – 19th July
As we are unable to hold our usual Fringe Week, it was decided that we would do an online version of the event.  You will be able to take part in stargazing from your back garden, online Quiz Night, children’s colouring competition and more.
1st – 20th July  Children’s Colouring Competition.
Organised by Gilroy Steel Solicitors.  Open to all children under the age of 10 yrs.  Download your colouring sheet from https://www.gilroysteel.comBFW2020.  First prize £20.
11th – 19th July Stargazing From Your Back Garden
What does the July sky have to offer this month?  Buckingham Town Council together with UK Astronomy encourage you to look up at the sky and see what you can see with the naked eye, binoculars or telescope.  Follow the Town Council Facebook page for a guide on what can be seen.  On Saturday 11th July, you will be able to watch a presentation and chat via Zoom at 7pm with Ross Hockman from UK Astronomy. This will be streamed live on The Buckingham Town Council’s YouTube channel. If you would like to attend, please contact the Events Co-ordinator via email on events@buckingham-tc.gov.uk for the meeting’s details. Interested in Astronomy? Then check out the UK Astronomy’s Facebook page www.ukastronomy.org.
Wednesday 15th July Isolation Examination Fringe week Special Quiz Night 8pm
Hosted by Mikey Dyson.  Log on to https://www.facebook.comisolationexamination/ at 8pm to join in.
11th -19th July Children’s Mural Design Challenge
Open to all children, help to create a mural with your artwork. Draw a picture of a bug, bird, butterfly, insect or creature that you might see on a wildlife walk in or around Buckingham or draw yourself going for a walk. Your drawing should be on A4 paper and cover the whole sheet. Outline your drawing in a dark colour, preferably using a dark pencil or marker pen so that it stands out.
The drawings should be e-mailed to events@buckingham-tc.gov.uk by noon on Monday 20th July.  50 designs will be chosen and The Children’s Workshop will put them together as a permanent mural which will be displayed in Buckingham.
Saturday 18th July Buckingham Fringe Rock Hunt
Painted rocks will be hidden around town for anyone to find. There are prizes to be won, one rock per family. Find a rock? You lucky thing! Keep hold of it, take a photo and send it to use via our social media pages or email our Events Co-ordinator on events@buckingham-tc.gov.uk. Tag us using #BuckinghamFringeRocks from 12pm onwards.
Oxford Fiddle Group
Fringe Week regulars the Oxford Fiddle Group will be doing an online concert.
The ever popular Oxford Fiddle Group are returning to Buckingham again for the Buckingham’s Online  Fringe Week. They perform songs and tunes mainly from England and Scotland, but also from Ireland and the USA. Some players also play other instruments besides the fiddle, so a typical line up for one of their performances could include a celtic harp, double bass, guitar, mandolin and concertina.
This weekend watch an online performance by them via the Buckingham Town Council You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmk3j3_VmKY

2 July 2020
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2 July 2020
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