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Thefts from Brackley Road Cemetery

We were saddened to hear of another theft from a grave at the Brackley Road Cemetery, particularly so close to Christmas.  It is hard to imagine the potential impact on friends and relatives when items they have placed on a grave which they regularly visit are taken.
The Council are currently liaising with the Neighbourhood Policing Team regarding how we can work together to increase security.  The area is too large for CCTV to be viable and could feel intrusive on private grief.  Locking the gates outside of given hours would remove access for too many people who are unable to attend during working hours.  We would ask anyone who has been the victim of a theft to make sure they report it to the police and receive a crime number.
The Council will discuss the issue and review options at the Environment Committee meeting, to be held on 28th February 2022.  Meetings are open to the public to speak at the beginning and attend throughout.
We encourage all cemetery visitors to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious promptly to the police via 999.
The Mayor of Buckingham, Councillor Margaret Gateley, said: “It is shocking and saddening when treasured items are stolen from the cemetery. This is especially upsetting when it happens so close to Christmas, when we remember loved ones who have passed away. My thoughts are with those who have been affected by these incidents.”

4 January 2022
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4 January 2022
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