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Spring Green Fair Makes a Splash!

Despite the April showers, the Spring Green Fair held on Sunday, April 28th, was a vibrant celebration of sustainability and community spirit. Showcasing a diverse array of eco-friendly initiatives and local talents, the fair drew crowds of enthusiastic attendees who embraced the opportunity to learn, engage, and support green living.

The annual event, organised by Buckingham Town Council, transformed the historic cattle pens into a vibrant hub of green initiatives, showcasing an array of local eco-friendly products, services, and activities.

Among the highlights were stalls from Bucks Energy Doctors, who provided invaluable information on energy efficiency in the home, empowering visitors to make environmentally conscious choices. Local volunteers group Men in Sheds showcased their handcrafted wooden crafts, adding a touch of rustic charm to the event while supporting a worthy cause.

Waste Busters offered practical advice on composting and reducing food waste, inspiring attendees to adopt more sustainable habits in their daily lives. Pyxis Beauty delighted children and adults alike with their face-painting stall, transforming faces with beautiful designs and adding a splash of colour to the rainy day.

The River Wardens hosted an interactive table, showcasing invertebrates from the local river and highlighting their importance in understanding the health of the local river ecosystem. Foster with Bucks provided essential information on the vital fostering service in Buckinghamshire, raising awareness about the importance of community support for vulnerable children and families.

Buckingham’s Women’s Institute contributed to the fair with their stall, offering delicious homemade cakes and knitted crafts, providing a delicious treat for attendees.

The Town Council hosted a children’s stall making magic wands from recycled craft materials kindly donated by the Nimble Thimble. The generous donation of fabric and yarn ensured that every wand crafted was as unique as the wizard or witch who now wields it.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury, who attended the fair, said “The Town Council are grateful for the organisations who attended our Spring Green Fair giving attendees the opportunity to engage about environmental issues such as the River Great Ouse and its biodiversity. There were also opportunities to learn about reducing our personal energy consumption within the home, supported by Buckinghamshire Council. Despite the challenging weather, the event was well attended this is thanks to all the organisations who supported the event.”

The Spring Green Fair underscores the Town Council’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices and fostering a culture of environmental awareness within the town. By bringing together local businesses, organisations, and residents, events like these play a crucial role in inspiring positive change and building a more sustainable future for all.

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29 April 2024
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29 April 2024
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