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Somewhere to sit in Cornwalls Meadow

At the request of Buckingham Town Council’s Town Centre & Events Committee, the Council have written to the landlord of Cornwalls Meadow Place, to ask if they intend to provide a replacement bench at their property in Buckingham.

The bench had been situated in Cornwalls Meadow, near to Buckingham’s Waitrose store, numerous shops and a pharmacy, and has been of particular use to anyone that needs to rest after getting a vaccination or browsing the local shops. It has now been missing from its usual spot for a considerable period of time.

Several residents have contacted the council asking if and when the bench will be replaced. Unfortunately, the council is not able to do this directly, as the land is owned by a private owner. However, it has made the request to see if the bench could be replaced.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury, chair of Buckingham’s Town Centre and Events committee said: “Members of the Town Council have been asked about the missing bench, which was historically a key place to gather, chat or rest your feet. Unfortunately, it isn’t on council land, but we have written to the landowner to see if a bench can be returned there in the future. Hopefully these conversations will produce a positive outcome.”

23 May 2023
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23 May 2023
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