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Oyez, Oyez, Oyez; Buckingham Town Council seeks new Town Crier

The position of Town Crier is an ancient and honourable position, recognised internationally. The current Buckingham Town Crier is stepping down, and so to keep this old Buckingham tradition alive, a new Town Crier will be recruited at a public event.

The role of a Town Crier dates back to the dawn of history. References can be found in the Bible, Quran, Torah and they are also visible in the Bayeux Tapestry of 1070. In medieval times a Town Crier’s role included policing, fire patrols and public hangings; but luckily today a loud voice, diction, stance and presence fulfil the role!

The new Town Crier will have a voluntary post for one year in the first instance after which there will be the option to make the appointment permanent. As the Town Crier, you will need to attend all Buckingham Town Council civic events and will be invited to cry at other Town Council events such as the opening of the Charter Fair, Music In The Market, Bandjam and Christmas Light Switch On.

Trials for a new Town Crier will take place at the flagpole outside Buckingham Community Centre at 12pm on Saturday 11th March 2023, during the Food Fair. Participants will be given a pre-written speech to cry and will be judged by Mayor of Buckingham, Cllr. Margaret Gateley and Lead Councillor of the event, Fran Davies. Previous Town Crier, Russell Cross, will also be on hand to give tips to all attendees.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please get in touch with the Town Council via office@buckingham-tc.gov.uk or call 01280 816 426. You can also visit Buckingham’s Town Crier page for more information and to apply for the role.

Russell Cross, who has been the Buckingham’s Town Crier since 2008, said: “It has been an absolute honour to of fulfilled the role of Buckingham Town Crier since 2008. With a heavy heart, I feel the time has come to step aside and allow another member of our town to have the opportunity to take on the role. The endless support of the community over the years cannot be placed into words, but may I thank you all for your endless backing in keeping this important tradition at the heart of Buckingham’s history and heritage. I wish our new Town Crier every success for the future and I will be joining the crowds to cheer you along at every opportunity. To Buckingham Town Council staff, councillors, mayors past and present, local residents and visitors to our town. God Save The King.”

Councillor Lisa O’Donoghue, chair of Resources Committee said “The Town Crier plays an important role in the community, they add to a sense of tradition and heritage that makes our town so special. Russell’s presence at civic events was the highlight for many and he leaves a large red coat and hat to fill, but we are sure there are others in the community who would enjoy this prestigious role, so if you have a strong voice and a willingness to serve Buckingham please do apply.”

3 March 2023
Last Updated
24 April 2023