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New Bard of Buckingham chosen by public vote

Poetry fans gathered at the Woolpack on Tuesday 5th October for a close run contest to decide who would be the new Bard of Buckingham. The rules of the Bardic Council were few but precise; both entrants were confirmed to live within a ‘days walk of the Buckingham Old Gaol’.
Two rounds took place – the first allowed the two contestants to read two poems of their own creation to the audience, while after a short break and some challenging audience questions they each read a third poem specifically linked to Buckingham.
The audience wrote the name of their favourite poet on slips of paper for a secret ballot, and after a quick count up Sami SET was declared to be the winner.
Sami was delighted to be chosen and told us that they “can’t wait to give voice to those of Buckingham who may sometimes feel they are not heard both through interaction with those people or by an association of the lived experiences that I will be sharing on stage.”
Alongside the competition was an array of fantastic entertainment including music from Stephen Ferneyhough and Brother Homebrew, Poetry from Dean Jones, the outgoing Bard of Buckingham and Kezzabelle, Bard of Northampton.
Sami has already had their first public appearance as Bard of Buckingham and written their first commissioned poem for the arrival of the Charter Fair in Buckingham.

Fair Fun by Sami SET


You really look quite horrible.

Squashed short then stretched out tall.

Laughing as we point

To our reflections in the hall.


Lucky ones attend

With their siblings, Dad and Mum

But all are not so fortunate

Not always fair when having fun


No one to buy them Candy

No drinks with straws to suck

Not a chance to hook a prize

No one to give a duck


No huge cuddles to wish for

As they wander in and out

Making their way past the many rides

Where others scream and shout


That’s something they can relate to

Lots of that back home

Usually with tears, not laughter

A whole other vibe and tone


So if for you it’s all enjoyment

Don’t feel guilty as you play and eat

Be mindful of your privilege

As you enjoy your fun fair treat


Think you see such sadness

Feel you have enough to share?

Then pay forward some love and smiles

Life’s NOT always such Funfair.

For enquiries please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426, office@buckingham-tc.gov.uk.

20 October 2021
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20 October 2021
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