Lace Hill Snake

An idea to give children on Lace Hill something creative and fun to do during lock down has resulted in a permanent exhibition of stone snakes which all the community will be able to view. Lace Hill resident, Zoe Buckle, came up with the idea. She said: “I’d seen on the internet painted stones, creating a family of stone snakes got children’s imagination going and gave them a sense of belonging.There is a daddy, mummy and baby snake and they have to choose which one to contribute to.”
Fellow Lace Hill residents, Jen Oakton and her 16-year-old son Tom, who missed doing GCSEs this summer we’re pleased to throw themselves, together with Karen Sayell, into the project and helped Zoe. They and resident Amy Chapman painted the snake head stones to get the project off the ground.
A message posted on the Lace Hill Facebook forum led to lots of adults and parents, whose children were bored during lock down, painting the stones. Residents taking their daily lock down exercise came to view the growing community artwork.
Cllrs Robin Stuchbury and Charlie Clare helped the residents work with the Town Council to find a way of making the artwork permanent. The snakes will be embedded in concrete outside the Community Centre gates. Landscaper Rhett Marshall, who lives in Lace Hill, has kindly offered to do the work for free.
Cllr Robin Stuchbury said: “I’m personally very pleased that we were able to allocate some funding to this project through gaining the support of the committee members and look forward to the council officers working in conjunction with the Lace Hill community to facilitate this valued project undertaken by the young residents of the estate”.
Cllr Charlie Clare added: “This was a really imaginative idea and the community in Lace Hill got behind it. As well as giving kids something to do during lock down those out for their daily walk loved seeing the artwork growing daily. It’s great to have such an attractive tribute to the community spirit of the people of Lace Hill.”
The snake display will be officially opened by Buckingham MP Greg Smith and the Mayor Councillor Geraldine Collins with local Councillors and Lace Hill residents when the work is done.

10 August 2020
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10 August 2020
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