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How to make Buckingham more bee friendly

Wildflowers add a wonderful variety of colour to any garden or community space. But more importantly, they provide bumblebees and other insects with food, shelter and habitat..
In the past 80 years large areas of wildflower habitat have disappeared from the countryside. This has left bumblebees with little to feed on, and is strongly linked with bumblebee numbers declining in many places..
However, you can ‘Bee the Change’! Wildflowers can happily grow outside in pots, plots or planters. If you don’t have access to a patch of soil, it’s a great place to start, especially for balconies or a paved area.

How to sow your wildflower seeds

1. Sow in Spring or Autumn, ideally in grass free soil. Make sure the soil is not too
wet or dry and avoid that urge to add topsoil, as native wildflowers do well on
low nutrient soil!

2. Give the soil a good rake over and sprinkle the seeds by hand. Grass can grow quickly and strongly and can stop the wildflowers from growing. You don’t want any competition for the wildflowers!

3. Rake the soil again to cover the seeds, but don’t bury them! Remember, seeds need sunlight to germinate. 

4. Carefully water the area and relax!

If you are using a pot or planter, then make sure there are holes in the bottom for drainage.

Remember to share photographs of your wildflower patches with us @buckingham-tc
For more fantastic information and fascinating wildflower based activities, visit Buzzing Bucks

6 April 2022
Last Updated
26 April 2023