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A polite notice for Dog Walkers

Dog Walkers asked to do their bit to ensure Social Distancing
Buckingham Town Council are asking dog owners to keep their dog on a lead at all times whilst in public places. Keeping your dogs on a lead will ensure that all park visitors comply with the Government’s advice on social distancing – requiring people to remain two metres apart.
Current Government advice states:
‘If walking your dog in areas used by other people, you should walk your dog on a lead to ensure you can safely keep 2 metres away from others. You can find further guidance for pet owners at
We understand our beloved canine friends need a good dose of daily exercise but our Green Spaces Team are reporting that there has been an increase in people seen with dogs off leads. This is very worrying and we are urging you to please stick to the restrictions in our parks. There are posters throughout the parks reminding people to keep their dogs on a lead and under control. We are aware that this is an unwelcome change for some dog owners but we must all do our bit during these challenging times.
1. For enquiries please contact Paul Hodson at Buckingham Town Council on 01280 823020, office@buckingham-tc.gov.uk

5 May 2020
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5 May 2020
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