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We have listened – Revised Cemetery and allotments consultation

Why a new consultation?

Last year we reported that the cemetery in Brackley Road will run out of space in 2024.

Earlier this year Buckingham Town Council undertook a public consultation which resulted in 67% in favour of providing a new cemetery and allotments with 42% in favour of increasing the precept by 7.2% to fund the required loan repayments.

What’s changed?

We have listened to your feedback and scaled back the size and cost of the project to the essentials needed to open a working cemetery and allotments.

Reduced cost:

This smaller project will cost around £1.25 million – about half of the original price. Repayments will cost around £72,000 a year. Most of this is already budgeted for, but it may be necessary to increase the precept by around £2,600 (47p a year for a band D property).

What’s in the revised plan?

  • 746 burial plots, including areas for traditional burials, lawn burials, children’s section, and a wooded area for ashes. This should last for about 80 years,
  • 30 allotment plots (average 25m2). We have a public duty to provide more of these.
  • Car parking for 30 vehicles, including disabled bays.
  • Wildflower and tree planting, and appropriate landscaping.

The new consultation:

Buckingham Town Council is asking our residents if they support the Town Council borrowing £1.25 million to develop a basic but functional new cemetery and allotments. The consultation closes on Tuesday 17th October 2023.

If you have any questions send us an email at office@buckingham-tc.gov.uk or give us a ring on 01280 816426.

Cllr. Anja Schaefer, Mayor of Buckingham, said: “In our previous consultation, Buckingham residents told us that you want us to develop a new cemetery. Town Council staff have worked very hard to have a new plan produced, which will meet the needs for the cemetery development at a lower cost than the previous plan.”

For more details about the project and the consultation, please visit the new cemetery consultation webpage.

A paper copy of the survey is being distributed now with the latest Buckingham Town Matters newsletter.

You can also complete the consultation online – rb.gy/ykdcc

18 September 2023
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18 September 2023
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