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Handbell Choir Play Every Thursday at the Centre

The Launton Handbell Ringers have just celebrated 70 years as one of the foremost four-in-hand ringing teams in the country.

The Team has given recitals in all sorts of venues throughout the country, and appeared in cathedrals, churches, civic centres, and theatres, for societies, clubs and private functions. The Launton Handbell Ringers have also been heard on radio and television, and recordings of their music are available from members of the Team or by mail order.

The Launton Handbell Ringers use a unique collection of bells ranging in weight from 2oz (56g) to 10 lb (4.5Kg), representing the work of many English handbell founders from 1696 to the present day. The bells started life in many guises; as house-bells, sheep-bells and horse-bells, before they were collected and tuned into the totally unique and mellow-toned set that is heard today.

For more information visit the website: www.launtonhandbellringers.weebly.com

For information about giving a recital please email: launtonhandbellringers@yahoo.com or ring Joan on 01869 934318.

For information about seeing the team in action, or if interested in ringing handbells please ring Joan on the number above.

6 April 2023
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6 April 2023
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