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Greening Our Community – Town Council plants hundreds of new trees in Buckingham.

On Wednesday 28th February Oaks, Limes, Walnut, Cherries, and other trees were planted across Buckingham thanks to funding from the Local Authority Treescapes Fund (LATF), as part of the Town Council’s commitment to offset carbon emissions by planting more trees in the parish.

The LATF provided a total of £4,349 worth of funding, following a successful joint application by Buckingham Town Council and Buckinghamshire County Council. The funding was used to plant hundreds of new trees in Buckingham, expanding on established woodlands, gapping up hedgerows and replacing dead or dying trees in our parklands.

Under grey February skies at Lace Hill, Buckingham’s Tree Wardens and Town Councillors donned their gardening gloves and picked up shovels to plant a variety of native trees, with hundreds of new trees finding their home in the heart of our community.

Buckingham’s Tree Wardens and local Councillors actively participate in annual tree planting activities, reaffirming the Town Council’s dedication to sustainable practices and its role as a catalyst for positive change within the community.

Cllr. Fran Davies, Chair of the Town Council’s Environment Committee said, “A windy morning, but with the rain holding off for a change, Town Council staff, councillors and other volunteers set about planting 229 whips and 24 larger trees including English Oaks, Liquid Ambers and Walnut across Lace Hill, Chandos and Bourton Parks. Thanks go to our incredible Green Spaces Team and grant funding from The Forestry Commission and Buckinghamshire Council”

Over the last five years the Town Council have planted 1,782 new trees in Buckingham with support from community groups, Tree Wardens, and local residents. The Tree Planting Event’s success would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication of the volunteer Tree Wardens, whose commitment to environmental conservation continues to inspire the entire community.

29 February 2024
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29 February 2024
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