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Buckingham Street Market

Every Tuesday and Saturday between 8am and 4pm Market Hill, Buckingham, MK18 1JX

Buckingham’s Historic Street Market has been in Buckingham for over 600 years and dates from the Charters granted by Queen Mary in 1554 and Charles II in 1664. This gives the Buckingham Markets a unique heritage.

The Street Market is set against the delightful backdrop of the Buckingham Old Gaol, the Museum and Tourist Information Centre. The market boasts a variety of stalls on both days.


Household goods and sundries, flowers and plants, fruit and vegetables, watches, bakery goods, fish, cakes, street food, cheese, sweets and much more!


Household goods and sundries, fruit and vegetables, bakery goods, olives, gents clothing, tools, DVD’s and games, flowers, plants, eco refill van and much more.

If you would like to trade on the market, please call 07587 775552 or email us here

7 June 2022
Last Updated
6 April 2023