Damage to recently planted black poplar trees

A number of recently planted black poplar trees in Heartlands Park have been deliberately damaged. These trees were planted by local people as part of a project with Buckinghamshire Council, where 23 volunteers joined Council staff to plant 250 saplings earlier this year.

Planting trees is an important part of looking after the local environment, replacing trees lost to disease, improving the diversity of the natural area and helping to combat climate change.

Chairman of the town council’s Environment Committee, Warren Whyte, said: “I am extremely angry at the pointless vandalism of our newly planted black poplar trees in Heartlands Park. There is nothing gained by such wanton destruction in our parks, and I fail to understand what the perpetrators gain.

I urge anyone who sees our environment being damaged by criminals, please report to the police so we can together try and stop this pathetic destruction from continuing.”