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Chandos Park, Repairs and Improvements

From Monday 8th January 2024, Chandos Park’s play area will be partially closed for 2 weeks whilst renovation work takes place. The play area will see an investment of £13,593 from section 106 funding –contributions sought from developers towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure in the town. Chandos Park, a cherished gathering place for residents of all ages, will undergo a series of repairs and improvements, designed to elevate the play experience and ensure the future of this essential community space.

Park Users were asked for their views on the current playground, and what improvements and additional features they would like to see in the park. The results from the public consultation informed how the current funding and future bids would be allocated.

The renovation work will involve the removal of old uninspiring item of play equipment with a limited play value and the installation of a new multi-person boat springer, providing improved play value for younger park users. Chandos Park’s play area does not currently have any equipment with a rocking motion e.g., see saws or springers.

From previous consultations we know park users are in favour of equipment that encourage cooperative play and that are themed to encourage imaginative play. The multi-person boat springer allows 3-4 children to play together, and the boat theme will be in keeping with the park’s riverbank setting.

The park’s existing pod swing and roundabout will have their safety surfacing upgraded to ensure the longevity of these cherished items of play equipment.

Themes emerging from the Chandos Park consultation were that that there was a poor offering of play equipment for children aged 8 and above. The park’s agility trail will be expanded to incorporate two new items that offer an experience/discipline not present within the existing course. The installation aims to improve the play area for all age groups and allow residents and visitors to socialise and exercise.

Improvements to the park’s spots and games facilities were identified as one of top funding priorities for Chandos Park. The popular Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) has already received a fresh coat of line paint, increasing the number of potential sports that can be played within the MUGA to include netball, cricket, football, and basketball.

Fran Davies, Chair of the Environment Committee said, “It’s brilliant that we’ve had the opportunity, through developer’s funding, to improve and upgrade these play facilities. Changes are happening year on year with safety features as well as innovative new designs for play equipment and Buckingham Town Council once again is keeping up to date with developments. I don’t think any of the equipment that was seen in my local park when I was a child is now deemed suitable and I applaud the improvements”.

12 December 2023
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12 December 2023
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