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Buckingham’s Busking Spot

There is a busking spot located outside the Buckingham Town Council Chamber, opposite Waitrose, where people can turn up and showcase their talents for all to enjoy.

Over the last decade, since this space has been designated for street entertainment, it has been regularly used by singers and dancers to one-man bands. Each performance creates such a wonderful atmosphere, so if you enjoy performing, or want to put your talent to the test, bask in this opportunity of a free entertainment area.

The Town Council encourages anyone to use this spot. However, please be aware that there is no booking system, the space is available on a first come first served basis and there is no access to electricity for performances. We also advise any potential buskers to check with the licensing department at Buckinghamshire Council if they have any questions about licences and performance rules.

If you would like to find out more information about our busking spot, contact the office via office@buckingham-tc.gov.uk.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury, chair of the Town Centre and Events Committee said:

“Buckingham Town Council Town Centre and Events Committee are very keen to encourage people to use the busking spot by Buckingham Community Centre and to come to the town and provide street entertainment. The committee noticed the value of this space and how it enriches people’s lives whilst creating an atmosphere and support for our local traders. There is also much pleasure for visiting members of the public and residents of our community so we encourage people to take up this opportunity to provide entertainment within the Town Centre.”

2 May 2024
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2 May 2024
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