Buckingham’s War Memorial: World War I


Buckingham Town Council would like to get in touch with any person who is related to the individuals who are named on Buckingham War Memorial, outside St Peter and St Paul’s Church, as having died during World War I.

Please complete the following form: World War 1 Contact Form

Pte Harry ADAMS
Died: 4/6/1918 age 34
Lived: Lenborough Road

Died: 1/9/1918 age 19
Lived: Mitre Street

Died: 13/3/1915 age 26
Lived: School Lane

Died: 18/9/1916 age 33
Lived: Church Street

Died: 27/5/1918 age 35
Lived: West Street

Pte William G BENNETT
Died: 8/8/1915 age 22
Lived: Gawcott

Pte Philip M BEX
Died: 3/5/1917 age 30
Lived: Bridge Street

Pte James R BOND
Died:19/7/1918 age 20
Lived: Well Street

Pte Thomas BROCK
Died: 24/11/1919 age 27
Lived: Foscott

Pte Alfred BULL
Died: 26/3/1918 age 35
Lived: Poundon

Lt Robert BULL
Died: 16/5/1915 age 20
Lived: West Street

Pte Arthur T BURROWS
Died: 19/7/1916 age 20
Lived: Mitre Street

Pte Albert BURROWS
Died: 18/7/1916 age 26
Lived: Mitre Street

Pte William JT BURROWS
Died: 21/1/1918 age 23
Lived: Mitre Street

Died: 5/5/1915 age 28
Lived: Lenborough Road

Pte Thomas W BUTLER
Died: 1/4/1918 age 22
Lived: Manor Street

Pte Percy BUNKER
Died: 1/10/1918 age 30
Lived: Moreton Road

Cpl Reginald CHURCH
Died: 20/10/1914 age 30
Lived: Bristle Hill

Pte Stanley CHURCH
Died: 1/11/1917 age 28
Lived: Gawcott Road

Died: 16/8/1917 age 27
Lived: West Street

Died: 27/7/1916 age 24
Lived: Stratford Road

Cpl Albert COOK
Died: 19/7/1916 age 20
Lived: Bone Hill

Pte William A COOK
Died: 25/4/1916 age 21
Lived: Bone Hill

Able Seaman Ernest CROOK
Died: 31/5/1918 age 21
Lived: St Rumbolds Lane

Pte Edward T DILLOW
Died: 14/10/1918 age 35
Lived: Tingewick

Pte Charles DUNKLEY
Died: 6/11/1917 age 19
Lived: North End Square

Died: 24/12/1916 age 25
Lived: North End Square

Died: 10/3/1917 age 23
Lived: High street

Sapper Frederick W ERBACH
Died: 7/11/1918 age 38
Lived: Old Gaol (Lodger)

Died: 24/8/1918 age 21
Lived: Radclive

Died: 30/9/1918 age 29
Lived: Tingewick

Died: 24/5/1917 age 32
Lived: Tingewick

Pte Percy GAUNT
Died 19/11/1916 age 19
Lived: Elm Street

Gunner William GRIFFIN
Died: 24/12/1916 age 22
Lived: Tingewick Road

Died: 8/4/17 age 34
Lived: Church Street

Pte Herbert Douglas HARTLAND
Died 16/9/18 age 21
Lived: Nelson Street

Pte Edward HEALEY
Died: 11/5/17 age 39
Lived: Gawcott

Died: 15/8/18 age 27
Lived: North End

Pte Fredrick HICKS
Died: 16/8/17 age 30
Lived: Lenborough

Sgt Edgar J HOLTON
Died: 17/10/18 age 21
Lived: Well Street

Lc Cp William J HUTT
Died: 27/4/15 age 25
Lived: North End Square

Pte George H JEFFERY
Died: 16/9/18 age 38
Lived: Nortons Place

Died: 31/10/14 age 39
Lived: Church Street

Died: 28/9/1915 age 20
Lived: Well Street

Pte Henry JONES
Died: 23/7/1918 age 21
Lived: St Rumbolds Lane

Sgt Thomas B JONES
Died: 2/9/18 age 32
Lived: Gawcott

Sgt George G JUDD
Died: 8/5/18 age 29
Lived: Gawcott

Died: 11/10/18 age 20
Lived: Stratford Road

Pte Alfred J MARSH
Died: 16/9/15 age 20
Lived: Elm Street

Died: 7/10/15 age 41
Lived: Well Street

Pte Albert T MEADS
Died: 21/9/17 age 19
Lived: Gawcott

L.Cpl Edmund MEADS
Died: 29/9/18 age 25
Lived: Gawcott

Pte William MEADS
Died: 17/11/18 age 27
Lived: Gawcott


Cpl Frederick G MOBBS
Died: 2/9/1918 age 31
Lived: North End Square

Died: 13/4/18 age 33
Lived: West Street

Pte Arthur H PAINTER
Died: 25/10/1918 age 19
Lived: Well Street

Died: 16/6/1917 age 24
Lived: Well Street

Died: 3/7/16 age 30
Lived: Manor Street

Died: 11/10/16 age 20
Lived: Bristle Hill

Died: 1/9/18 age 43
Lived: Chandos Road

Pte Reginald J H PURCELL
Died: 10/9/1917 age 19
Lived: Hunter Street

Sgt Maj Richard READ
Died: 23/7/1916 age 39
Lived: Nelson Street

Pte Fred READ
Died: 8/10/1916 age 31
Lived: High Street

Died: 19/6/1915 age 37
Lived: Chackmore

Pte Harry ROADS
Died: 11/6/1918 age 40
Lived: Bridge Street

Pte Percy SHEDD
Died: 10/8/17 age 31
Lived: Nelson Street

Pte Frank H SHEDD
Died: 27/8/17 age 25
Lived: Nelson Street

Died: 15/4/1917 age 35
Lived: Bridge Street

Pte George E SMITH
Died: 8/5/1918 age 21
Lived: Well Street

Gerald O SMITH
Died: 14/10/18 age 25

Cpl Morris J SMITH
Died: 14/6/1918 age 23
Lived: Gawcott

Pte Richard SOTON
Died: 26/10/1916 age 20
Lived: Fleece Yard

Pte Will SOTON
Died: 14/9/1914 age 22
Lived: Bath Lane

Died: 17/5/1915 age 24
Lived: Preston Bissett

Pte Harold E STOKES
Died: 30/7/1916 age 21
Lived: Gawcott Road

Died: 8.8/1918 age 22
Lived: Moreton Road

Died: 5/12/1917 age 28
Lived: Barton Hartshorn

Pte William A TAYLOR
Died: 19/7/1916 age 31
Lived: Chandos Road

Died: 19/7/1916 age 27
Lived: Twyford

Died: 27/9/1916 age 37
Lived: Biddlesdon

Sgt William G TOMPKINS
Died: 24/7/1917 age 22
Lived: High Street

Died: 2/5/1915 age 27
Lived: Lenborough Road

Pte Walter J TYRELL
Died: 4/10/1917 age 32
Lived: Lenborough Road

Pte Francis T WATTS
Died: 28/8/1918 age 34
Lived: Bridge Street

Cpl Herbert E WATTS
Died: 25/9/1915 age 20
Lived: Moreton Road

Pte Samuel WATTS
Died: 9/5/1917 age 18
Lived: Gawcott Road

Lc Cp Percy WATSON
Died: 16/8/1917 age 29
Lived: High Street

Pte Clarence H WESTLEY
Died: 22/10/1918 age 19
Lived: Station Terrace

Pte Charles WHITE
Died: 2/5/17 age 33
Lived: Gawcott

Pte George T WHITE
Died: 23/3/1918 age 29
Lived: Gawcott

Died: 25/6/1915 age 31
Lived: Syresham

Pte Reginald J WILLIAMS
Died: 19/7/1916 age 21
Lived: Well Street

Pte George A WINSOR
Died: 1/9/1918 age 22
Lived: Station Terrace

Died: 21/7/1916 age 19
Lived: West Street

Pte George WISE
Died: 25/9/1915 age 18
Lived: Barton Hartshorn

Spring 2019 newsletter


Spring newsletter cover picturesJust like the sunshine the spring 2019 newsletter has arrived!

Buckingham Town Matters Spring newsletter 2019

Inside you’ll find future events, andqr code for the 2019 events survey all the details about local news that effects the town. We’re also taking the opportunity to launch our 2019 events survey! Follow the QR code or link below to take part by the end of March. Events Survey


Buckingham Town Council Opposes Proposed Care Home at West End Farm


At the Extraordinary meeting of Buckingham Town Council held on Monday 4 February, Councillors discussed the proposed care home at West End Farm on the Brackley Road.  The proposal is to build 72 self-contained flats with at least one resident requiring at least 1.5 hours care per week; the minimum age for residents would be 55. Care would be available 24 hours a day but not from live-in carers.

The new owners of the site, Brio Retirement Living, had submitted plans to vary the approved scheme to enable it to be built of modular units to be assembled elsewhere and brought in by truck. The proposed on-site amenities (for instance, a cinema) had also been reduced.

Councillors felt that their concerns on the amount of traffic likely to be generated by residents had not been addressed.  Residents aged 55 may well have a job or other outside interests and commitments, and parking would also be needed by staff and visiting carers.  The proposed access onto a fast road would be awkward, and there were only 72 parking spaces proposed for the 72 flats. Town councillors have always opposed the definition of the development as a care home as the flats are self-contained, with kitchen and bathroom, with a front door onto a stairwell with no internal connection to adjacent stairwells.

Town Councillors feel the proposal is for a retirement village with a nominal entry requirement for contract care, and consequently housing, which means that according to the Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan a requirement of 35% Affordable Housing should be insisted upon, even if this was satisfied by a payment towards such housing elsewhere.

Town Councillors therefore decided to continue to oppose the proposal.


Planning application number 18/04290/APP

Buckingham Fringe Week 2019



Ideas are being sought by the Town Council to help Buckingham celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing.

Organised by Buckingham Town Council, the Buckingham Fringe is an annual week of events taking place in Buckingham in July.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first landing on the moon, the theme for this year’s Buckingham Fringe will be the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.  Events including a family fun-day, space themed quiz and an intergalactic treasure hunt are being planned for the week which will run from Saturday 13th to Sunday 21st July 2019.

Buckingham Town Council is asking local organisations and businesses to take part.  Anyone who is interested in organising an event  in Buckingham should contact Events Co-ordinator Amanda Brubaker at events@buckingham-tc.gov.uk or at Buckingham  Town Council before the 31st March so that the event can be included in the Fringe brochure.

Chairman of the Fringe subcommittee, Terry Bloomfield said “Fringe week is a real community occasion and we are very keen to work with any local group or business who want to put on their own event.”

River Great Ouse: Recovery Update


After the successful reintroduction of 8,000 Chub fish to the river this week, we have received an updated community briefing from the Environment Agency on the River Great Ouse.

The updated briefings tell us more about the future plans for the recovery of the river.

Current situation and next steps: recovery and restoration

“We are working with partners; Upper Ouse Catchment Partnership, local angling clubs, Buckingham Town Council, and other landowners to help restore the river and hopefully improve on what was there before the incident, the Upper Ouse Recovery Plan will look at:

• Restocking roach, dace and chub

• Removing barriers to help fish migrate naturally which could speed up the recovery

• Increasing flow speeds to improve fish spawning and invertebrate communities

• Improving marginal features to create habitat for fish and other w


The full community briefing from the Environment Agency is available here: 8th February Community Briefing 

The Environment Agency have also updated the Upper Ouse Recovery Plan

The pollution incident affected more than 25km of the River Great Ouse between Brackley and Thornton. Thousands of fish were lost and the invertebrate community was heavily impacted too. Fish stocks have since been assessed and we now have a better idea of the impact of the incident, (unfortunately we are unable to share this information). We know that invertebrates are also beginning to recover and fish have been seen in the affected length.”

The full report from the Environment Agency is available here: Upper Ouse Recovery Plan

Buckingham Town Council Supports New Development


At an Extraordinary Meeting of Buckingham Town Council on Monday 4th February, called because of time restraints on the responses, Councillors considered two proposals for new developments in the town: an outline plan for 420 houses on land south of Osier Way behind Gawcott Fields, and amended plans for the Tingewick Triangle land at the junction of Tingewick Road and the bypass.  The difference between the approaches of the two developers gave a clear example of the best way to develop new housing plans for the town.

Osier Way

The development at Osier Way was opposed by Councillors; the site was not marked for housing in the Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan and fell outside the settlement boundary, separated from the town by the industrial areas and the bypass, and had no community facilities beyond open space and play areas. Councillors are concerned that this proposal would result in a dormitory estate which would be isolated from town life. In addition, the proposal assumed that residents would work locally and walk or cycle to work or school.  However in reality there is little likelihood of taking small children to school in any other way than by car, making the parent-car problems at the primary schools even worse than they are now. Shopping trips to Tesco, Lidl and the town centre would also add to the traffic in and out of the site via Osier Way and the bypass.

Councillors criticised the assumption that 25% Affordable Housing was acceptable, when the currently valid Plan – Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan – requires 35% (a difference of over 40 houses).  It was felt that the figure in force when the plans were submitted should be used, not the proposed figure in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan which has not yet been accepted by the Examining Officer.

Tingewick Triangle

Plan of houses in the Tingewick triangle area of Buckingham

Plan of houses in the Tingewick triangle area of Buckingham. Large green area is site of St Rumbolds Well and Roman archaeological finds.

In a huge contrast, Councillors welcomed the recent changes made to the detailed plans for Tingewick site in consultation with Design South East; this was a site designated for housing in the Neighbourhood Plan, and the developers had met and consulted with the Town Council at all stages, gradually refining the outline plan to suit Buckingham styles and other consultees’ requirements. Councillors therefore agreed no objections to the revisions, noting that not all consultees had responded yet. They also stipulated that all houses had to have telecoms connections before occupation.

Buckingham Town Council does not make final decisions on planning applications; this is the responsibility of Aylesbury Vale District Council.  However the Town Council are a statutory consultee on all planning applications, and make representations to AVDC where the Town Council opposes an application.


Osier Way – application 19/00148/AOP

Tingewick Triangle – 17/04668/ADP

Buckingham Town Council award record number of Community Grants


Buckingham Town Council has allocated a record amount of community grant funding for 2019/20 following a high number of recommendations.

Following an increase in applications to the Council for funding there will be an increase of £2,200 in the grants allocated to local community groups, meaning the Council will award a total of £25,511 in the coming financial year.

The Council are keen to support Citizens Advice Aylesbury Vale, and have decided to allocate the organisation one pound per household, based on the precept figure. This follows a recent decision by Winslow Town Council to take the same approach. “Our hope is that all other parishes will do something similar and ensure our local Citizens Advice is on a solid financial footing” said the Mayor.

“The Town Council is always keen to help local organisations that support our community. It is really impressive to see the good use that our local groups make of the limited funding that is available.”


Grant Applications

Buckingham Town Council keep their Council Tax increase to 10p per household


Buckingham Town Council has voted to only increase the Council Tax raised by the Council on residents in 2019/20 by 10p per household.  At the Town Council meeting on Monday 14 January councillors voted to use £8,586 from reserves towards the coming year’s budget to keep the rise as low as possible.  The total amount raised through Council Tax by the Town Council in 2019/20 will be £852,777.  This equates to an increase of 10p per week for a band D property, a rise of £5.26 or 3.3%.  The Town Council also raises funding through charges, for example for use of rooms in the Lace Hill Community Centre, for burials and by charging the County Council for services provided on its behalf.

The additional funding will be used to install new fencing round the Bourton Park play area and dog-proof gates for Lace Hill Park. The Council will begin to pay for the purchase and development of the new cemetery and allotment site. The Council provides additional services to those run by neighbouring councils, including the Tourist Information Centre, Shopmobility, Lace Hill Community Centre and the annual fireworks display.

The Town Mayor, Jon Harvey, said, I am really pleased that the Town Council have been able to keep our Council Tax increase so low. The Town Council is providing a wide and increasing range of services for the town while ensuring we have the finances in place to purchase and develop the new cemetery and allotments.”

The other Councils, Crime & Police Commissioner and Fire Authority set their own Council Tax rates and increases.