Past Projects

Buckingham Town Council has supported a number of organisations in the town with grants to aid them in providing facilities and services that benefit Buckingham residents.

Other events, community assets and projects are supported by the Town Council in different ways.

Grants awarded for 2021/22

In 2021, the Town Council gave grants totalling £28,481 to projects and activities beneficial to the people of Buckingham.

Due to the profound impact of Coronavirus on Buckingham, some of last year's grant projects were not able to take place and the funding that had been awarded was unclaimed. Unused funding from the previous year was made available to 2021/22 applicants in order to help groups impacted by Coronavirus bounce back stronger than ever.

Citizens Advice Bucks£ 5,346 per annum
(3 year grant)
Bucks Youth Clubs Ltd£ 5,200 per annum
(3 year grant)
Buckingham Old Gaol£ 3,000 per annum
(3 year grant)
Buckingham Summer Festival£ 2,000
Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity£ 2,000
Stowe Sub Aqua Club£ 1,500
Buckingham West End Bowls Club£ 1,500
Buckingham Area Rural Transport£ 1,200
Project Street Life£ 1,200
Buckingham Lawn Tennis Club£ 1,000
Chandos Park Bowls Club£ 1,000
The Slade Recreation Club£ 1,000
Friends of the Old Gaol£ 830
Buckingham Churches Children's Holiday Club£ 750
Open House£ 600
Buckingham & District Angling Association£ 355
TOTAL:£ 28,481

To see past years awarded grants please see our Finance and Budgets section.

Past Project: Swan Community Hub (One Year Grant)

Swan Community Hub received £1000 in 2019-2020, and used this towards a laptop for the Buckingham Job Club which helps unemployed people back into work, through confidence building and help with CVs and interviews. The rest of the funding was used towards running Free Summer Activity Sessions for families with young children.

The Summer Sessions focused on having free fun together at home and around Buckingham parks through crafts, sports and games. The funding supported the rent of the Community Centre for four activity sessions and take away craft, book and activity packs for families to enjoy at home together. 141 children attended the sessions and parents loved them!

Past Project: Citizens Advice Aylesbury Vale (Buckingham area) (Long Term Grant)

Citizens Advice Bucks (CAB) runs an office in Buckingham that supports residents in Buckingham and the surrounding area that need help or advice. The group has been a long term recipient of grant funding from the Town Council for many years. CAAV received £5,346 in 2020, an amount which rises each year in line with population growth.

We offer provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities.

Citizens advice told us that: "The service, which is an independent charity, is run mainly by volunteers. In Buckingham our volunteers give in excess of 75 hours each week to help our clients. In the last year [2019], we helped 1,167 people from the Buckingham office and dealt with 4,248 different issues. This continues to grow with the increasing population.

We help the community with all manner of issues and a variety of topics.

Debt and benefit assistance are high on our list, followed by employment and housing issues.  Other areas we support local people include consumer issues and relationships.  This list is not exhaustive, in fact, we have probably covered most things that affect people’s lives.

We are fortunate to have a small team who carry out home visits to those in our community who are not able to visit the office in person.  Last year alone, we were successful in gaining an extra £295,000 in additional income for our clients."

Citizens Advice in Buckingham