How to apply

The Town Council offers both one year and four year grants. The Council welcomes applications from any not-for-profit group, and is happy to give advice and support to potential applicants.

Who is eligible for grant funding?

Grant applications have to fulfill the following three criteria to be eligible for a grant.

  1. Grants will only be considered for projects and activities beneficial to the people of the civil parish of Buckingham.
  2. Grant recipients must be based in the civil parish of Buckingham or provide evidence of the percentage of the work that directly benefits Buckingham residents.
  3. Only not-for-profit bodies will be considered for a grant.

There is lots of scope for Buckingham Town Council to fund new projects, as well as to offer support to organisations that have been working in Buckingham for many years.

In the past the Council has funded projects for a wide range of activities. We recognise the importance that the many different communities in Buckingham bring, and we are keen to continue supporting diverse groups through grant funding.

You don't have to have run an organisation or have applied for a grant before. If you have questions about completing the application form, please contact the office - we are very happy to help.

Not all projects are eligible for grant funding. If you are unsure if your project is eligible please contact the Town Council office.

For example, the following projects would not be eligible:

  • Applications from businesses.
  • Applications from individuals.
  • We cannot fund other public bodies, or projects to fund items that should be paid for by another public body. For example, items for schools that should be paid for as part of their schools budget.
  • Projects that promote a particular religion over others. This is because these activities could exclude people from accessing a project on religious grounds. However, other kinds of projects from religious groups are eligible for funding.
  • Projects that support a particular political party.
Two teenage black boys work together climb a large wood and rope structure. They are outdoors and wearing safety helmets.

How do we apply?

Applications for one year grants open in the Autumn before the grants are paid, in the following May.

To apply for this year's funding, complete the application form and send it back to the office before Friday 4th December 2020 at noon. Alongside your application form, we will need a copy of your group's latest accounts. For new organisations, that don't yet have any accounts, we can accept a business plan. There is information about how to fill out the form and what the accounts or business plan should include in Appendix B of the Grants Policy.

Email: Post: Buckingham Town Council Office, The Buckingham Centre, Verney Close, Buckingham, MK18 1JP.
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If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project please email: or call 01280 816 426

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Four Year Grants

From 2022 our long term grants will be awarded on a four year basis. The first round of applications will begin in the autumn of 2021. The four year grants process asks for more information from applicants, and is suitable for groups who know they will have ongoing costs over a long period.

Successful applicants for four year grants will make a grant award agreement with the Town Council, a clear document that sets out how the funding should be used and expectations between your organisation and the Town Council.

Four year grants can be used to provide long term support to existing bodies. If your group regularly applies for one year grants, we invite you to consider applying for a four year grant.

Application Forms and Guidance Documents

Four year grant application forms will be added to this section when applications open in autumn 2021.

At the discretion of Buckingham Town Council, small grants may be awarded to local not-for-profit bodies in emergency circumstances. Decisions over this funding would be made by the Resources Committee which meets six times a year. Contact the Town Clerk for more information.